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arm lift

Arm Lift

Medically known as brachioplasty, this involves removing the excess skin and fat which hang like an apron from the arm. It can be performed alone or as part of an upper body lift. The process takes around 3 to 4 hours and is done under general anesthesia. The resultant scar is well hidden under the arm

Sometimes, we may choose to combine an arm tuck with liposuction as well to achieve a better definition for the arm. This decision is taken by Dr. Karishma after your consultation and is based on your needs.

For younger persons and those whose skin has better elasticity, liposuction alone may suffice , meaning only the fat is removed to reduce the arm’s girth. In this case, only local anesthesia is given and recovery is quicker.


A little swelling, bruising of the skin, and redness is normal and will vanish in 7 to 10 days. A compression garment will be provided to you, which has to be worn for 4 weeks .

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