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Fat Grafting | Fat Injection | Fat transfer: A Single Injection Enough to improve Feature, Scar & Volume

"Improve the skin quality, rectify signs of aging & restore youthfulness with fat injection."

·       Are you unhappy with the effects of aging on your face?

·       Are you dissatisfied with the size of your breasts or buttock or need a contour improvement?

·       Do you want a lip enhancement or cheek volume restoration?

·       Are you worried about acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines?

·       Do you want a perfect jawline, high cheekbone, and sharp chin?

·       Do you desire a more youthful-looking face?

Suppose you are interested in restoring youthfulness with the most natural results for specific areas in your body, especially the face. In that case, you should go for fat transfer augmentation. Fat transfer corrects the sign of facial aging. It improves the contour of the desired areas of the body, i.e., breast, buttock, or face, by removing fat from the chosen areas such as buttocks, thighs, or other areas and transferring it by injection to the desired areas of the face or wherever fat is required. The fat transfer/augmentation/grafting is medically proven as a natural process because it's your own body fat that is taken/harvested to fill the gap, and a patient gets able to improve the aging sign or body contour; thus, there is no fear of any side effects or reactions as well. This is considered one of the safest methods in cosmetic surgery to achieve the desired youthful results rather than fillers.

If you want a natural result of a youthful-looking face and improve the volume and contour, try fat transfer augmentation by Dr. Karishma Kagodu, Bangalore, India's renowned plastic cosmetic surgeon.


You can't change your age, but you can turn the clock and effectively reverse the sign of aging with the fat transfer augmentation cosmetic procedure. Most of us are curious about fat transfer and fillers, and we might get confused about them. As a plastic surgeon, I often come across many questions asked by the patients, which method would be the best and why yes for fat augmentation/transfer?

It depends on your body status and the fat present in your body that can allow a surgeon to perform the procedure. It is not selective but a conditional one that is only allowed if you have enough fat in your body to make the procedure successful; otherwise, we recommend fillers.

FILLERS OR DERMAL FILLERS: These are synthetic or naturally occurring substances injected into the lines, wrinkles, folds, and tissues of the face to improve the aging signs. These injectable fillers are foreign materials to the body and may trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people. Thus, it is recommended to perform fat transfer augmentation if you meet the required criteria. Fillers are also called injectable implants, wrinkle fillers, and soft tissue fillers.

Fat Grafting for Face:

Fat transfer to the face is a good option to correct the signs of facial aging. It is done by injecting a small amount of fat into the treatment area, improving the face's shape and contour. In addition, fat transfer augmentation corrects the wrinkles & fine lines, crow's feet, and smile lines. If you have a deep breakdown of fat under the eyes and look older or stressed out, you can improve it through the fat transfer procedure. Dr. Karishma Kagodu has expertise in restoring beauty in the treated area through the fat transfer of viable fat cells.

Fat Grafting for Breasts:

Aside from implants or other fillers, fat grafting for the breasts enhances the breast size and volume via fat harvesting from one part of the body, usually through liposuction and injected into the breasts. Removing fat cells through liposuction has become very easy today due to the advanced VASER or LASER liposuction method. We at DR. Karishma Aesthetics perform 3-D high-definition VASER liposuction to extract the fat, which gives the best results of painless and nearly invisible liposuction scars. The body's fat becomes natural fillers, helpful in reshaping and lending volume to breasts and enhancing the size and contour of the same effectively. Fat grafting for breasts is only allowed when women want to go up by ½ or 1 cup size. For improving in size, breast augmentation is primarily done through two basic methods, i.e., Implants & fat grafting.

Fat Grafting for Buttock:

The buttock augmentation procedure is only done with fat grafting. Fat transfer augmentation/grafting for the buttocks is done to enhance the size, shape, and volume; likewise, the procedure is done to enhance the breast size. Here also, the same method of fat extraction of liposuction is done and transferred through injection to the desired buttock area. Fat is excavated from thighs, abdomen, arms, or legs and transferred to the treatment location.


Fat transfer augmentation can be done on any part of the body. The common application areas are as follows: -

·       Pitted acne scars

·       Cheeks

·       Lips

·       Eyelids

·       Buttocks

·       Breasts

·       Tear troughs

·       Nasolabial folds

·       Facial creases & wrinkles

·       Hollow temples

·       Frown lines


Dr. Karishma Kagodu Describes The Fat Transfer In Detail With Benefits, Candidacy, Associated Risks, And Significance. - Watch Video










1.    A fat transfer corrects and improves wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines, and crow's feet.

2.    It improves facial volume and contour.

3.    You will look and feel young again with the fat grafting/transfer procedure.

4.    Fat transfer can transform your face, lips, breasts, buttock, cheeks, and chin with an improved youthful appearance.

5.    It can help improve acne scars.

6.    Fat transfer augmentation yields better results in highly vascularized areas around the eyes.

7.    It is a minimally invasive method for skin rejuvenation.

8.    The fat grafting procedure produces a natural appearance that will give long-lasting results.

9.    There is no side effect of receiving fat grafting as it's your body's fat; however, there is no chance of causing reactions or risks.

10.  Of course, it's a cost-saving option than dermal fillers because the results you receive last longer than fillers.




Yes, an ideal candidate for fat transfer procedure should check out the following points: -

ü Ideal candidates for a fat transfer can be healthy enough, maintain good general health, and have no circulation problems.

ü The patient should be between the ages of 30 and 65.

ü The patients want to improve aging signs and correct depression in the skin.

ü Modestly increase in the breast size is your concern.

ü You want to reconstruct your breasts or conceal the signs of breast implants.

ü You want to rejuvenate your face by smoothing smile lines or crow's feet.

ü You are looking for long-lasting results and a cost-effective procedure.




The fat transfer is non-invasive and usually performed as an outpatient procedure. At Dr. Karishma Aesthetics, DR. Karishma Kagodu will evaluate your problem state, remove fat from the abdomen, hips, lower back, outer thighs, or inner thighs and transfer it into the treatment area, followed by fat purification.

Following are the steps: -

A)  Harvesting of Fat: -

A small incision is made to remove fat from the targeted body area. This is usually done with liposuction and local anesthesia. The harvested fat is further sent to the purification step.

B)   Purification & Transfer: -

The fat cells are separated from the liquid, so it spins at a very high speed in a centrifuge machine. In this spin process, the damaged cells are removed, and only whole, pure, and cleansed fat cells are used for the transferring process.

C)  Placement: -

This is the final step, where the surgeon precisely deposits fat in a natural grid. The recipient site for fat injection would be created at the very first beginning of the procedure while evaluation is done. Then, the surgeon precisely identifies the sites of imperfection and gives a fat injection to correct the depressions and create a new contour.


Fat transfer results are immediately visible with improved facial rejuvenation or body contour wherever the fat transfer augmentation procedure is done. However, the most significant aspect of fat transfer is its long-lasting results, longer than many years or permanently, that set the procedure as the modest cost cosmetic option.

Resuming Work:

A temporary swelling, bruising, and the patients can experience pain at the sites where fat is extracted and grafted, but it's all minimal. After that, it goes on its own, followed by prescription medications. It is instructed to follow all the post-care advice your surgeon gives to achieve a smooth healing process and easy recovery. Avoid alcohol and smoking for two weeks before and one week after receiving the procedure. You can resume office work and other light activities within a week.


When it comes to surgery, every surgical procedure carries some set of risks or uncertainties. Still, it is the safest and risk-free procedure compared to fillers, dermal fillers, or any other cosmetic surgery. Here the body's own fat is used for fillers; therefore, the chances of chemical reactions are negligible, and a patient can achieve the most natural results with a long-lasting effect. DR. Karishma Aesthetics clinic is the best in cutting-edge technology, expertise, 5-star facilities, international level of hygiene & safety, and patient care. Fat transfer is one of the cornerstones of facial rejuvenation, and Dr. Karishma Kagodu does this treatment frequently and in conjunction with other surgeries.

Some common discomforts, as a part of the healing process, can be experienced with: -

·       Swelling: Swelling goes within a week once healing is completed.

·       Bruising: Temporary bruising is also settled within a week.

·       Minor pain: Pain is very minimal, but prescription medications are given.


The results are long-lasting or permanent but may vary from one patient to another based on their physiological or anatomical status. However, the results shouldn't be considered permanent. As you become old, it is natural to lose volume in the face; therefore, the fat grafting procedure may have to be repeated. Fat grafting is a solution for those who want a quick, easy, risk-free, minimal downtime but a long-lasting effect at the modest cost of a cosmetic procedure.


Swelling, Bruising & Pain: Temporary swelling, bruising, and pain can be experienced in the areas where fat has been removed and grafted. The pain would be bearable or minimal that can be controlled effectively with the pain medications. Swelling and bruising go away over the next couple of weeks.

The recovery time is only 1-3 days: The fat transfer procedure is minimally invasive, and the recovery time is short. It means you can resume normal activities within 1-3 days. Every day the result will improve, and you will look or experience better and better.


·       We at DR. Karishma Aesthetics employ cutting-edge technology of the procedure to perform fat transfer procedures. Aside from the advanced methods, our clinic follows international standards of safety and hygiene parameters to ensure a result-oriented and risk-free fat transfer procedure.

·       Fat transfer or fat grafting goes hand in hand with a liposuction procedure, and we excel in employing the high-definition 4D VASER liposuction to give the best results.

·       Fat grafting addresses facial and body proportions and improves the surrounding tissues.

There are three different types of grafting techniques that we use at our clinic are:

1.    Structural fat grafting: This is done when large fatty particles are required and employed to improve the volume of the breasts and buttocks. It is also done when the shape of a breast or butt needs optimizing.

2.    Micro fat grafting: Micro fat grafting is required when small fatty particles are enough to correct the issue of fine lines, wrinkles, creases, or smile lines.

3.    Nano Stem Serum: To improve the overlying skin appearance in terms of texture and quality, nano stem serum fat transfer is performed. In this procedure, the fat serum is collected in the most concentrated form through the spin method with the help of a centrifuge machine.

DR. Karishma Aesthetics is the best in terms of technology, expertise, and patient care, and we do fat transfer/augmentation procedure/treatment at our centre frequently in Bangalore, India. Dr. Karishma Kagodu, with over 15 years of experience in plastic & cosmetic surgery, has the technical abilities to perform this procedure successfully.


Ø Aside from being board-certified, the performing surgeon must excel in performing the fat transfer/augmentation. The active membership of the reputed international & national bodies of plastic cosmetic surgery weighs on the surgeon's credibility.

Ø Does the surgeon have the technical abilities to understand the case concerning the latest surgery method?

Ø Does the clinic/centre have a licensed board certificate?

Ø Does your clinic keep record 'After & Before' pictures of past patients?

Ø Do you have realistic expectations and are ready for the postoperative instructions & follow-ups?

Ø It would help if you did R&D before choosing the clinic and surgeon to achieve the best natural results with safety and surety.


ü Does the surgeon decide the right type of fat transfer with the right technique to perform the procedure?

ü How much experience your surgeon has with fat transfer augmentation?

ü Does your surgeon briefly describe the type & technique/approach of fat transfer you need?

ü Have your photos been taken and evaluated by the performing surgeon?

ü Does your surgeon inform you about the possible risks & complications associated with the procedure and a comparative analysis between fillers and fat augmentation?

ü Did you get confirmation about the cost of fat transfer and the availability date to receive the procedure?


ü The performing surgeon must be more than a cosmetic surgeon- they should be an artist with the proper medical knowledge and the artistic vision needed to create harmony among the patients' facial features, body contours, and desired realistic goals.

ü The accreditation, awards, rewards, and certificates for contributing the plastic & cosmetic surgery are an excellent source of knowing the surgeon's credibility.

ü The technical abilities of a surgeon to perform the procedure and an adaptation to the innovative and advanced technology can be seen through their hospital setup and given results. So, crosschecking the respective websites and reviewing portals and blogs are essential.

ü The qualifications, education, training, and participation in world congress meetings, seminars, and hands-on practices, validate the surgeon's reputation and recognition in the respective field.


Fat transfer cost in Bangalore, India, varies from 45000 to 1, 30,000 INR. Once you finish the procedure, you will be satisfied and happy with the long-lasting results. Thus, you get your money's worth having this procedure.

Again, it's highly customized, and the cost estimation takes various factors into account, so it can't be put straight. Furthermore, it would vary from Patient to Patient.

Some direct factors that influence the cost matter for fat transfer are: -

·       The patient's profile

·       The amount of fat to be transferred and the area of fat transfer

·       The type of fat transfer, such as Micro, Nano, or Structural fat transfer, or its combination

·       Surgeon's Fee

·       Anesthetist fees

·       Medicines/consumables during surgery

·       Hospital facility

·       The technology used

·       Immediate postoperative follow-ups.

NOTE: GST must be added to all cost quotes.


·       Dr. Karishma Kagodu excels in performing the latest cosmetic surgery procedures and using them in their practices, which sets her apart from other cosmetic surgeons in Bangalore, India.

·       DR. Karishma Kagodu has completed her expertise in cosmetic surgery training in countries like Italy, Dubai, England, and Turkey.

·       She updated herself by attending international conferences.

·       At Dr. Karishma aesthetics, we never compromise with quality standards & hygiene parameters and follow the international standards for safety & hygiene.

·       We are strongly committed to infection-free surgical surroundings. We give special concern to COVID-19 safety protocols. Thus sterilization of surgical equipment and fumigation of clinical surroundings regularly is our top priority.

·       At DR. Karishma Aesthetics, we give value for money, so transparency in our cost system satisfies a patient with the right information about the surgery.

·       We have great concern for our patient's confidentiality.

·       We have specially designed and set up anesthesia safety and patient comfort.

·       We have a great patient support system.

·       The supportive clinic staff is always ready to take a patient's concern.

·       We have a robust follow-up system.

·       We cater to patients via WhatsApp, personal mobile, and social platforms to guide you and assist you in the best way.

Some FAQs of Fat Transfer Procedure:

1.    Is fat transfer a substitute for weight loss surgery?

No, this is not a substitute for weight loss, but it can effectively slim down the area to a certain degree to meet the requirement of fullness in the face and other body areas such as breasts or buttocks. It is advisable to reach a stable weight before the procedure, and avoiding future weight gain helps sustain the results for a long time.

2.    What type of anesthesia is employed for fat transfer?

Generally, it is performed under local anesthesia, but the extent of the surgery decides the best one. Our expert anesthesiologist will use their experienced judgment to make the call. However, general anesthesia may require in some cases.

3.    Are there any limitations to what facial fat transfer can do?

Usually, fat transfer is suitable for those patients who have enough amount of fat in the body. At the same time, most men and women have some areas of unwanted fat that are used effectively to perform the surgery. Very thin patients are not eligible for this procedure, but it is again decided by the targeted areas to be treated. However, facial rejuvenation with fat transfer for thin patients is usually not a problem due to the small amount of fat requirement.

4.    Is fat transfer permanent?

Yes, it has long-lasting or permanent results, somewhat dependent on the area where the fat is placed. For example, fat transfer done in temples and cheeks will have longer results or even be permanent due to the less movement of these areas. While the lips, which are the most mobile structures, will have less fat survival rate. Thus, the less movement in an area, the better the fat survives.

5.    When can I resume my normal activities?

You can resume your normal activities from the next day of the surgery if minor swelling or pain is bearable and doesn't cause further discomfort. Although, we suggest taking a rest for a few days to achieve a smooth healing or easy recovery.

6.    Where are my fat cells collected from?

Fat cells are usually collected from regions of your body where the fat volume is extremely dense such as the thighs or buttocks.

7.    How and why is fat grafting/transfer so effective?

There is no chance of side effects or chemical reactions because your body fat is placed in the treated areas to offer the desired contour, shape, volume, and youthfulness. It is a natural way of rejuvenation and sculpting that adds the natural benefit of achieving the desired outcomes. In addition, when fat cells are re-injected into your body, they are likely to survive and thrive due to the tendency of new blood supply to grow back into those cells.

8.    How long does the fat transfer/grafting procedure take?

It takes anywhere from 1-5 hours, depending on the areas of the body in which fat is harvested or grafted. For example, fat transfer for the face can be done in 2-3 hours, whereas the same procedure for the buttocks or breasts with the help of liposuction may take between 4-5 hours.


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