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lower body lift

Lower Body Lift

In this procedure, excess skin and fat are removed from the abdomen, hips, outer thighs and buttocks, thereby creating a dramatic transformation of the mid and lower body.

A combination of a tummy tuck, thigh lift, and a buttock lift, this is always done under general anaesthesia.

As with any ‘lift’ procedure, it involves making an incision in the skin and pulling it upwards to tighten it and trimming the excessive portions.

You must remember that a lower body lift is more about getting rid of sagging, loose skin than removing fat.


You have undergone massive loss and are left with sagging skin that doesn’t tighten to fit your new slimmer body.

You have loose skin around the abdomen, outer thighs and buttocks as a result of weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth, or simply aging.

Your overhanging, loose skin is restricting movement and leading to painful rashes and possible infection.

Your weight has been stable for at least a year, and you don’t plan to lose any more weight.



You will need to be in the hospital for 48 hours post surgery. It will take another 4 to 6weeks for full recovery. You will need to take a month off from work and are advised not to drive for this time as well. It is most important that you wear the compression garment that we give you all day and night during this period. This helps to reduce pain, swelling, and support the newly suspended tissues.

If you have small children, you will need to have someone else take care of them for at least two weeks.


The goals are different for each procedure. While both aim to give the patient a slimmer contour, a lower body lift specifically targets loose, sagging skin. Liposuction removes unwanted fat pockets, but doesn’t remove sagging skin. In most lower body lift procedures, Dr. Karishma will add liposuction to remove fat pockets in certain areas.

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