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post bariatric / weight-loss surgery

Post Bariatric / Weight-Loss Surgery

Men and women who have undergone Bariatric Weight loss procedures.

People who have lost weight with drastic lifestyle modifications.

Normal weight females who wish a more dramatic improvement than tummy tuck alone.

Three factors affect the patient presentation: the BMI, the fat deposition pattern and the quality of skin/ fat envelope.Men and women who have undergone dramatic weight loss through either diet/exercises or Bariatric surgery and are left with sagging skin from their big frames, come for lifting procedures.

Arms, Breasts, lower abdomen, buttocks, and thighs are most commonly affected by excess skin.Patients presenting for this surgery require a complete medical assessment and a thorough physical examination. During your consultation, you will be asked number of questions about your medical history, medications, drug use and supplements.

You need to discuss with Dr Karishma regarding your goals, expectations, and concerns for the procedure. This is the time to clear all doubts and carefully stage and plan the procedures as per your need. All the risks and benefits will be discussed in detail with you.

Key Point to remember : Most procedures have to be staged, if whole body contouring is needed. All procedures cannot be done at one go- or will have drastic complications.

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