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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Banglore | Breast Implant/Enlargement

Get your Asset Back with Cosmetic Enhancement at a Modest Cost

“Feel confident and get reassured about the size & volume of the most attractive body part and flaunt your womanhood the way you want: Feel unabashedly Sexy!”

  • Do you feel low self-esteem due to small breasts?
  • Are you feeling a lack of fun in your sexual life and your partner is unhappy?
  • Do you want to enhance your breast appeal and so looking for a cosmetic option?
  • Are you in the glamour world, but your figure doesn’t right fit the demanded profile?
  • Do you want volume restoration to the breast after weight loss or pregnancy?
  • Do you want breast asymmetry correction?

Yes, breast augmentation/implants are the solution; if you want to achieve your confidence back and have a desire for perfection in shape, size, and volume of the breasts.
Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world performed by board-certified plastic surgeons. Its popularity not only because of its acceptance but also it is easily available at the accredited and certified plastic & cosmetic surgery centre all over the world. But, one has to be very conscious and research-centric while choosing the best plastic surgeon as well as the best cosmetic centre to have the same.
Breast augmentation/implant surgery in Bangalore counted among the top cities for plastic & cosmetic surgery in India and most of the foreign patients join medical tourism in Bengaluru to avail of the benefits of quality cosmetic surgeries.

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries DR. Karishma Kagodu performs is breast implant surgery & breast augmentation with fat grafting.  
Breast augmentation is also called enhancement of breasts or a breast job involves using breast implants or fat transfer to enhance the size of breasts. Breast job surgery also helps in increasing the volume of the breast and restores naturally rounded breast shape as well as improving natural breast size symmetry.
Breast augmentation is also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty. When fat is transferred from another part of the patient’s body, into the breasts, to improve breast volume, this procedure is termed fat transfer breast augmentation.
It is very much important to choose the correct implant to achieve the best possible outcomes that right fit your desired goal. However, it has a significant role to attend the expert surgeon’s assessment session so that you could plan your procedure accordingly.
Breast implants are FDA-approved devices that offer quality-of-life benefits and collaboration of the scientific community, patient advocacy groups, and governments from around the world are committed to enhancing the devices and ensure the global plastic surgery community to work together in order to keep the patients updated about the latest development in the breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation is a surgical process of increasing the size of the breast by using breast implants or fat transfer. Breast augmentation has a significant role in increasing breast volume and improves natural breast size symmetry. The majority of surgeons prefer round implants as round implants have less of an issue when they move around the pocket, and do not give the issue of tilting or flipping back to the front.
Breast Implants: Breast implants are synthetic, silicone made parts that are surgically inserted to support the augmentation process. Breast implants can be placed to restore a natural-looking breast following a mastectomy or to correct congenital defects & deformities of the chest wall, tuberous breast deformity, or to fulfill the requirement of post-cancer breast surgery.
Fat Grafting: Fat grafting or fat transfer breast augmentation involves harvesting/extracting the fat cells from other parts of the body and placing them into the breasts to increase size and volume. It is a surgical process of breast augmentation that is done by fat injection to improve or augment the breast area and helps in achieving the desired fullness and size.





  • Breast augmentation surgery helps in defining the breast profile in terms of shape, size, volume, and desired contour.
  • It improves your body image by changing/increasing the size of your breasts.
  • Breast implants are used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy (post-cancer) due to accidents or injuries.
  • The projection of the breasts can be rectified with the breast augmentation job.
  • Breast augmentation surgery corrects uneven breasts after breast surgery for other conditions.
  • It enhances your confidence level and self-esteem by improving the breast appearance.
  • Helps to treat birth/congenital defects, i.e., tuberous breasts.
  • It can be a way to enhance the breast volume and create a breast lift in the bargain.


Breast augmentation or boob job is a highly individualized procedure and one must have a realistic expectation with it rather than expecting perfection about it. Patient satisfaction is highly prioritized specifically for this procedure and one must attend the initial assessment done by the board-certified plastic surgeon.


You may be a candidate for breast augmentation if:

  • You are physically fit and you aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are older than 22 years means your breasts are fully developed.
  • You are unhappy about the small size of your breasts.
  • You are dissatisfied about losing shape and volume after pregnancy or significant weight loss.
  • You have realistic expectations.
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical.
  • Your breast doesn’t have a normal shape or have an elongated shape.
  • You are suffering from the Tuberous breast deformity.
  • You are looking gender re-assignment Breast augmentation (Top Surgery – Male to Female gender reassignment)



On admission at the cosmetic surgery centre, firstly general examination is done to check the recent illness, UTI (urinary tract) infection, common cold, or fever. It is also required to check diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, and asthma. Medical history is needed to be communicated with the surgeon so that specific drug allergies or ongoing medications can be identified. These all are helpful in planning and performing the surgery to achieve the best results possible.


At DR. Karishma Aesthetics a qualified and expert anesthesiologist will attend you for a higher safety purpose. General anesthesia is administered for a higher safety purpose to perform the breast augmentation/boob job surgery.


Incisions are made in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring. Four main types of incisions are there to perform the surgery, which is needed to be communicated with the patients before performing the surgery so that the best outcomes possible could be achieved matched with the expectations.

  1. Peri-areolar incision: Along the areolar edge
  2. Inframammary Fold: The fold under the breasts
  3. Axillary incision: In the armpit.

Inserting & Placing the Breasts Implant:

At this step, the breast implants are inserted into the pocket either under the pectoral muscle or directly behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle.

The method for inserting & positioning breast implants are decided by the following 4 major factors:

  1. Type of implant
  2. Degree of enlargement desired
  3. Your body type
  4. Surgeon’s recommendation

Closing the Incisions:

Incisions are closed with layered sutures in the breast tissue, and with sutures, skin adhesive or surgical tape is also used to close the skin. Over time the incision scars will fade.


After the procedure, you will be taken into a recovery room for close monitoring. You may be discharged the same day of the surgery after an hour or two or once you feel stable for discharge.
Your breasts will be wrapped in a gauze dressing and an elastic bandage or support bra will be provided to wear during the healing period. We will provide a chest band that helps you in minimizing swelling and support the boobs during the healing period.


Results are immediately visible with an enhanced breast appearance.

Resuming Work:

It is important to follow your surgeon’s advice and instructions in order to achieve faster healing. You need to wear a support bra around the clock as instructed by the plastic surgeon. The pain will subside within 5-6 days following the procedure. The swelling will go down in a month’s time.
You can resume normal daily activity immediately a day after surgery. One can start exercising after 5-6 weeks’ time. You can go to your work within 3-4 days; start driving in 4 weeks, normal walks are permissible in the first 4 weeks to improve the healing process. It is instructed to keep your incision clean, dry, and properly bandaged to achieve a faster healing process.




Firstly, fat cells are taken from the areas where fat is found to a greater extent such as the waist, hip, or buttock. The harvesting process is done by the liposuction technique.

Purification of Fat:

The harvested fat is purified to remove excess fluid, blood, and other vascular components and then strategically injected into small incisions within the breasts. This process allows fat cells to attach to the breast tissues and grow.

Time Required:

This procedure usually takes 4-6 hours and patients can resume office work and other light activities within a week.

NOTE: Some of the fat cells may simply be absorbed by the body; hence it would be required to perform one to more fat transfer procedures in order to achieve the desired fullness.



Any surgical procedure comes with some sort of risks or discomfort, which doesn’t mean it, is hazardous to go ahead, but one must understand the fact that any surgical healing goes through some changes and processes that are mostly confused with side effects. The side effects or discomforts are actually a healing process that can be seen as swelling, pain, infection, bleeding, or numbness. It can be controlled well with prescription medications as well as instructions given by the plastic surgeon.

Some common risks or discomforts are as follows:

  1. Bleeding: Very rare, breast augmentation is performed with special lighted retractors.
  2. Numbness: One may experience temporary numbness in the operative sites caused by temporary nerve irritation.
  3. Infection: The chances of infection are rare but possible. It can require removal of implants, however, it is recommended to go for re-implantation after 6 months. The rate of infections are almost nil at DR. Karishma Aesthetics in view of the strict sterilization and disinfection protocols followed here.
  4. Capsular contracture: Capsular contracture that occurs due to the formation of tight scar tissue around the implant can be improved effectively by tissue hygiene, surgical asepsis, and isolation precautions.
  5. Implant rupture: This usually occurs after 10-15 years and a rare phenomenon with new generation implants. The implant companies usually give a 10-years warranty against any wear and tear issues.
    It may require implant replacement. Implant rupture is treated with implant removal and replacement with a new implant.  
  6. Anesthesia risk: It may be a small reaction to a major one, or fluid imbalance can also occur. And, all these can be minimized effectively with an expert anesthesiologist.
  7. Changes in nipple sensation: Changes in nipple or breast sensation can occur but not necessarily, and are temporary.


The results of breast augmentation surgery are immediate; it means you will have a visible appearance of your enhanced breasts after the procedure. Boob job surgery yields larger breasts right away. The final result will take a couple of weeks to show the improvement as the swelling subsides and the skin stretches. Support bras are provided to wear after the surgery that will help in shaping the breasts. Incised marks will subside with the application of ointments or scar medications.

Some key points to be considered while expecting the results as follow:

  1. It is important to have a breast examination done annually to check implant integrity and breast health.
  2. Breasts will adopt changes in terms of shape, size, and volume due to aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal factor, and gravity. So, it may be required to perform breast lift surgery or implant exchange to restore breast contour.
  3. To achieve optimal breast implant results, it is important to follow the plastic surgeon’s post-operative instructions and attend follow-up visits.


Postoperative Instructions:

It is advisable to follow postoperative instructions given by your surgeon and meet them personally in the follow-up visits as scheduled accordingly. Your prescribed medications will include painkillers and an antibiotic to prevent infection.

Wear support garment (Bandeau):

It is instructed to wear a support garment around the clock to achieve faster healing. You need to apply ointment to the incision sites after cleaning them regularly. Some of the patients would be instructed to keep the tape or bandage on the incision sites. Postoperative instructions may vary from one patient to another; however, it is important to follow your plastic surgeon’s advice carefully.

Acute Pain & Swelling:

Acute pain typically subsides after 1-5 days. Soreness and swelling last for a few weeks. Resuming normal activities and exercise according to your plastic surgeon’s instructions.


There are various techniques/methods/approaches to perform breast augmentation surgery. At DR. Karishma Aesthetics, we carefully evaluate the patients’ physiological and anatomical status, and thereafter only recommend a particular technique so that the best outcomes possible could be achieved.
DR. Karishma Kagodu has outstanding expertise and aesthetic skills to perform breast augmentation surgery and she systematically looks at your desired goal and expectation for your breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Techniques are jotted down below:

  1. Inframammary: This technique involves an incision in the crease underneath the breast.
  2. Periareolar: This requires an incision at the border of the areola.
  3. Endoscopic: Assisted Transaxillary Technique: This is one of the most advanced techniques in breast augmentation. Using this technique a surgeon can place saline or silicone prosthesis without any incision on the breast. But, it is limited to specific patients and requires a longer recovery period compared to other techniques/approaches.
  4. Umbilical Technique (TUBA_ Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation): It is a very acceptable approach to breast augmentation. The surgeon can only use a saline implant through this technique. These days, this technique is rarely performed as it entitles creating a scar in another body or anatomical part. (Umbilicus)
  5. Silicone Implants: Silicone implants come prefilled. At DR. Karishma Aesthetics, we use an advanced incision technique that limits the incisions in size when placing nano-textured or round silicone implants.

    NOTE: At DR. Karishma Aesthetics, we are committed to patient safety and easy recovery with the best outcomes possible, thus we use an advanced incision technique as well as modern implants in each breast augmentation case. Because of elegant and modern advancements in breast augmentation surgery, we are able to markedly limit the size of the incision required regardless of the size of the implant used.



  1. One should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who has recognized and earned credit by having an active membership in the reputed plastic & cosmetic surgery societies, i.e., ISAPS, ASPS, IAAPS, APSI, etc.
  2. It is needed to be considered where the surgery is going to be performed?
  3. Does the clinic/centre have a licensed, board-certificate?
  4. Does your clinic keep the record of ‘After & Before’ pictures of the past patients?
  5. Do you have a realistic expectation and ready for the postoperative instructions & follow-ups?
  6. Ask a friend or family member to come along with you to assist you and who can take you home after the procedure.
  7. You are expected to ask questions during your initial assessment with the surgeon.
  8. You are advised to do research and analysis as much as you can because it helps in planning the procedure accordingly.


  1. Does the surgeon decide the right type of breast augmentation surgery?
  2. How much experience your surgeon has with breast augmentation?
  3. Does your surgeon briefly describe the type & technique/approach of breast augmentation surgery you need?
  4. Does your clinic/centre inform you about the technology used in breast augmentation surgery and its relevance?
  5. Have your photos taken and evaluated by the performing surgeon?
  6. Does your surgeon inform you about the possible risks & complications associated with breast augmentation/implant surgery?
  7. Did you get confirmation about the cost of breast augmentation and the availability date to receive the procedure?


  1. The outstanding artistic skills and precision of a surgeon doing the surgery can be determined by given results, as well as a happily satisfying number of patients globally.
  2. It is inevitable to crosscheck the websites, reviews portal, and feedback network to validate the surgeon’s perfection as a token of trust.
  3. The accreditation, awards, rewards, and certificates for contributing the plastic surgery is an excellent source of knowing the surgeon’s credibility in the respective field.
  4. The skills of a surgeon can be determined during the first consultation as well. The way of convincing the technology, technique, and approach to perform the surgery can also be counted as a plus mark to know the surgeon’s knowledge and perfection. Thus, it is important to do research and analysis before choosing the particular surgeon, clinic/centre, or surgery/procedure as a final decision.

Some FAQs of Breast Augmentation/Implant Surgery:

1.    What are breast implants?

A breast implant is a prosthesis device used to change the shape, size, and contour of a person’s breast. Breast implants can be placed to restore a natural-looking breast following a mastectomy or to correct the congenital defects or deformities.

2.    What is the difference between breast augmentation and breast implants?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed to increase the size of breasts, whereas breast implants are such devices that are surgically inserted to support the augmentation process. Breast implants are synthetic parts that are used in the augmentation process. Various types of implants are used for breast augmentation surgery, i.e., structured saline breast implants, silicone breast implants, gummy bear breast implants, round breast implants, smooth breast implants, textured breast implants, and anatomical breast implants.  

3.    Will augmentation make my breasts perkier?

Breast augmentation enhances the size of the breasts, making them look larger and fuller, but it doesn’t have a role in lifting the breasts. If perkier breasts are your concern, breast lift surgery would be the better choice for you. Talk to your surgeon about the best option. Breast lift surgery is sometimes considered with implant/fat grafting/volume enhancement.

4.    How safe are silicone implants?

Silicone implants are FDA-approved and it is much safer than before.

5.    Will breast implants make my boobs look fake?

This is all about your surgeon’s job, which can be seen through their given natural results. If a surgeon has a better idea about the patients’ anatomy and has a clear, analytical, as well as aesthetic ability to understand the concern, the results will be of course, natural.

6.    How long does it take for breast implants to soften?

It can last anywhere from 8 weeks to 6 months. If you feel hard breasts, longer than six months, see your plastic surgeon. Postoperative swelling is a sign of a smooth healing process that contributes to the firmness of newly placed breast implants.

7.    How do breast implants look at first?

Immediately after getting breast augmentation, you will have swelling of tissues combined with tightening the chest muscles. So, firstly implants look smaller because of constricted tissues. The swelling will last for a month thereafter you will be able to resume your normal activities and results as well.

8.    Do breast implants feel different to the touch to a Man?

It’s not necessarily as it varies from patient to patient. But, for the most part, it’s safe to assume that they will feel some remnant of the surgery if not the implant itself. The breasts feel as natural to touch in 6-8 months.

what does breast augmentation cost in bangalore, india?

what does breast augmentation cost in bangalore, india?

The cost estimation takes various factors into account, thus the cost of breast augmentation is a random factor. It is a highly individualized procedure and might differ from one patient to another based on their problem state, implant chosen, as well as physiological and anatomical status. Any cosmetic surgery procedure is customized according to patient needs, demand, and expected goal of the surgery and everyone has a different set of goals & expectations with the boob job. However, the cost factor is a dynamic matter that is based on several factors associated with the surgery either externally or internally.

Even though some of the factors that influence breast augmentation surgery directly is jotted down below

1.    Patient’s profile
2.    Surgeon’s Fee
3.    Anesthetist fees
4.    The Implant used
5.    Medicines/consumables during surgery (Support Bra, surgical medicine, or disposable)
6.    Hospital facility & stay
7.    The technology used
8.    Immediate post-operative follow-ups.
Breast augmentation surgery cost in Bangalore ranges from 90,000- 150,000 INR. (excluding GST)


  1. At Dr. Karishma aesthetics, we never compromise with quality standard & hygiene parameters and follow the international standards for safety & hygiene.
  2. We are strongly committed to infection-free surgical surroundings. We give special concern for COVID 19 safety protocols, thus sterilization of surgical equipment and fumigation of clinical surroundings on a regular basis is our topmost priority.
  3. Our surgeon, DR. Karishma Kagodu, is a cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery specialist practicing at DR. Karishma Aesthetics, Bangalore, and has over 13 years of experience in the medical field. She has happily satisfied thousands & thousands of breast augmentation/implant patients globally.
  4. Dr. Karishma Kagodu carefully evaluates each patient and then only decides the particular technique or implant to perform the breast augmentation surgery.
  5. At DR. Karishma Aesthetics, we give value for money and so transparency in our cost system satisfied a patient with the right information about the surgery.
  6. We have great concern for our patients’ confidentiality.
  7. We have specially designed, set up concerning the anesthesia safety and patient’s comfort.
  8. We have a great patient support system.
  9. Supportive clinic staff always ready to take a patient’s concern.
  10. The most advanced cosmetic surgery centre in Bangalore, India regularly caters to celebrities both from the cine & sports world.
  11. 24/7 appointment ready to serve you.
  12. We have a strong follow-up system.
  13. We cater to patients via WhatsApp, personal mobile, and here also on the social platforms to guide you and assist you in the best way.

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