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Dental Implants in Bangalore

Procedure Steps, Types, Advantages

The loss of one or more teeth can have a major impact on the function and shape of your mouth, as well as the appearance of your smile. Gaps in your teeth can also affect your ability to eat certain foods.

Not too long ago, the only solution for people who had lost some or all of their teeth was dentures. However, dentures cannot not be permanently fixed in the mouth and are often uncomfortable and cumbersome. Modern dentistry enables us to replace several, or all, the teeth by anchoring dental implants to a fixed bridge. You get natural-looking teeth that allow you to regain the full function of your mouth.

A dental Implant is made from titanium. It bonds to the jaw, much like the root of a natural tooth and permanently replaces a lost tooth. Dental implants can be fixed in anyone who is in good general health. They are put in place during a simple and short surgical procedure done under local anesthesia.

In cases where a single tooth and its root are damaged, dental implants offer a fast and easy solution to replace the tooth with minimum discomfort.

"Dental implants are performed to replace missing teeth, and being an integral treatment modality in dentistry; they help improve oral hygiene and quality of life, facilitate better eating behaviour, and improve facial sagging!"


·       Dental implants offer a long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth, bridges, or dentures, improving oral health and hygiene, and restoring confidence and a smile.

·       It addresses facial sagging and premature ageing by supporting surrounding bone; thus, it is also an option for preserving bone and avoids the untimely natural breakdown of the surrounding bone.

·       Dental implants also reduce the risks of caries and endodontic problems of adjacent teeth.

At Dr. Karishma Aesthetics in Bangalore, we are one of the leading cosmetic centres in India for providing quality dental implants, thanks to our fully trained and board-certified dental surgeon and the high-end implant components we use. Moreover, at Kaesthetics, we only work with cutting-edge technology, top-quality implants, and crown materials, assuring the best results and highest success rates.


·       It provides a long-lasting solution to missing teeth, as a natural tooth-coloured crown is placed over the dental implants.

·       Dental implants are the best and safest alternative to the existing bridge or denture.

·       It improves the patients' self-confidence and quality of life because restoring the lost tooth resolves functional and aesthetic concerns and enhances their psychological well-being. You are more confident in public and can express your smile more happily.

·       Dental implants help improve pain and discomforts caused by missing teeth and correct all the consequences caused by tooth decay, gum diseases, and excessive wear and tear.


Dental implants are one of the most important inclusions in cosmetic dentistry they are placed into oral tissues/ jawbones beneath the gums that provide retention or support to fixed or removal dental prostheses and act as permanent new roots. However, dental implants are the best rescue to restore/ replace missing teeth, bridges, dentures, and the best alternative to natural teeth.

Technically, dental implants are small, titanium screws implanted into the jawbone to create a permanent root and are made up of a two or three-part structure, including,

1.    Titanium plug: It replaces the root of a damaged or extracted tooth

2.    The implant abutment: It allows implant attachment to the crown or bridge.

3.    The crown or bridge is the only visible part of the implant, which acts as a visible part of the tooth.

Note: Dental implants are a safe alternative to existing bridges or dentures


A.   The Introductory Consultation: Scheduling consultation is inevitable to plan the dental implant procedure correctly, as it helps you know the best treatment option based on your anatomical and medical status, problem status, and desired results. Our dental experts at Kaesthetic will first take photographs of your mouth and ask you for an X-ray of your mouth. However, in this way, they have detailed insights into the problem, which clears whether you require single or multiple implants. However, the implant procedure is planned accordingly. Everything concerned with dental implant procedure will be discussed, and our expert will guide you with pre-and-post op treatment measures, as well as let you know about the procedure details, risks, benefits, results, recovery, and cost so that you can put your doubts at rest and the procedure will be planned so informed. Cost should not even be a barrier to effective treatment.

B.   The Implant Procedure: The implant process normally takes several steps that may take place between 3-9 months. Firstly, dental implants are placed into the oral tissues beneath the gums or through the bone to support a fixed or removed dental prosthesis. Dental implants are placed, followed by small drilling and fuses with surrounding bone over time.

C.   Healing period: Once the implant is placed, the patient should wait for at least 3-6 months for the complete healing. Following the healing of the dental implant, the next step is fitting the crown securely. In the case of multiple implants, the bridge can securely attach to the missing tooth place, which acts and works like natural teeth.

Note: With mini-implants, however, the implant placing procedure may take only a few days.

Fast Facts about Dental Implants:

·       Dental implants are artificial teeth with two parts: i.e. the implant itself and the crown. 

·       Implants comprise titanium, a biocompatible material that fuses with the bone over time, ensuring a durable fix.

·       Dental implants have a significant role in improving oral health, function, and overall aesthetics.

·       Dental implants are the best option for those seeking a long-lasting solution to tooth replacement.

·       The crown 'cap' is made from composite synthetic resin, which is aesthetically designed to look and work like natural teeth.


There are five types of dental implants used in cosmetic dentistry, i.e., single tooth, multiple tooth implants, dental implant bridges, full mouth rehabilitation, and teeth-in-day implants.

The use of various types of dental implants is jotted down below:

               I.          Single-tooth dental implants: It is replaced as individual tooth implant. It requires one per implant.

            II.          Multiple tooth implants: are used to restore multiple, non-adjacent missing teeth. It requires one per implant as the number needed.

         III.          Dental implant bridges: are used to restore multiple adjacent teeth in one section. How many dental implants are needed depends on the location within the mouth and your individual needs.

          IV.          Full mouth rehabilitation: It replaces a full jaw of missing teeth with more stability. This option usually requires 4 or 6 dental implants.

             V.          Teeth-in-a-day implants: It is used to form full mouth tooth replacement that gives results on surgery day. It also requires 4 or 6 dental implants based on the patient's preferences and desired goals.


Losing a tooth can be more miserable as it affects the aesthetic beauty of a facial appearance and causes a hindrance that can accompany a tooth gap. Restricted food due to missing teeth, as a patient, cannot chew food properly and become limited to certain food choices, leading to malnutrition in the worst cases. However, replacing a tooth with dental implant surgery in Bangalore can be the best decision for those seeking a permanent solution to their missing tooth.

Experts of dental surgery at Kaesthetics, the best dental implant clinic in Bangalore, make it possible to remove all the consequences of missing teeth with quality and affordable dental implants in the country's tech hub.  

Apart from the noticeable improvement, the implant dentistry method offers the following aesthetic, functional, and medical advantages:

·       Preservation of Bone: Replacement of missing teeth by tooth implant surgery avoids the consequences of bone breakdown to the surrounding bone, as it improves support and encourages the maintenance of bone in the edentulous site. However, dental implants are a great rescue against premature ageing or facial sagging.

·       Unmatched natural result: Tooth implant surgery gives the utmost natural effect, as dental implant crowns are structurally and functionally similar to natural teeth.

·       Superior comfort: Implant dentistry is a way to enhance comfort, as missing teeth are effectively restored with all aesthetic and functional benefits. And, compared to dentures, it provides a much more solid solution with a real-feel effect.

·       Complete stability: Dental implants are a long-lasting solution to missing teeth, as they do not require removal when cleaning like dentures and fuse with the jawbone via osseointegration, providing security and a more stable option.

·       Cost-effective: Dental implants are a cost-effective option and serve excellent value for money, as it does not require maintenance for removal and fitting over time due to hygiene concerns. It is a long-lasting, permanent option that saves cost, time, money, and energy for the patient.

·       Improved oral health: As bites are restored, the patient has more options for diet, which influences the good aspects of overall health. Secondly, cleaning teeth does not require removal, avoids germs and infections, and helps improve oral hygiene in the long term.


Successful implant-retained restoration requires healthy and informative cooperation between restorative dentists, periodontists, dental technicians, and implant surgeons to plan the procedure so that the functional, medical, and aesthetic purposes can be met. However, the implant dentistry team at Dr Karishma Aesthetics is committed to providing the best outcomes for missing tooth restoration, giving prime importance to patients' concerns. However, we invite the patients to attend the presurgical introductory consultation as a mandatory task so that the best treatment option can be recommended based on the patient's problem status and the desired goals. Our entire restorative team can predict, determine, and control the functional and aesthetic effects of intraoral rehabilitation beforehand so that a patient can set realistic goals and avail the best results of dental implant surgery.


·       We have a board-certified, expert restorative team, including dentists, periodontists, dental technicians, and implant surgeons who dedicate enough time during your presurgical consultation and help you understand every aspect of the pre-and-post procedure.

·       We use cutting-edge technology, high-end, quality implants, crown materials, and international safety and hygiene measures to support a safe, risk-free, and result-proven dental implant surgery.

·       Our highly-trained, restorative team of dental implant surgery at Kaesthetics is committed to offering you a quick and easy way to transform your smile by providing custom-tailor dental services to your needs.

·       Our clinicians are not limited to dental implant placements but the prosthetics so that the patients can be assured of the best suitable treatment option based on their problem status and realistic expectations.

·       Our mission of implant dentistry is to provide a long-lasting, permanent replacement for missing teeth, same-day tooth replacement, and same-day smile transformation with the utmost aesthetic satisfactory results.


Missing teeth can leave you lacking confidence and poor quality of life; if you want to restore your oral health and improve your quality of life with a smile, call us at +91 8042036382, +91 9108969006, +91 7624809006 and schedule your in-person consultation today.

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Q. Do I need single or multiple dental implants?

The required number of dental implants is entirely based on your need, the number of teeth you want for replacement, and their location in the mouth. However, for a single tooth, if you have teeth that are far apart from each other, single dental implants would be the best option. In the case of a patient with a denture, two dental implants can anchor it in the same place. And, multiple dental implants are an ideal solution when it is the case of replacing multiple teeth.

Q. What are implants made from?

Dental implants are small titanium screws placed into the jawbone beneath the gums, but sometimes can also be made from other materials, such as zirconia.

Q. Am I suitable for tooth implants?

Expert dental surgeons must thoroughly evaluate patients seeking dental implant surgery to confirm their clinical suitability before beginning treatment. However, at Dr Karishma Aesthetics, interested candidates for tooth replacement are invited for an introductory consultation to decide whether they are physically and mentally fit for the tooth implants. Patients under 18 are not medically allowed for the dental implants. In addition, patients should not have gum disease and must be in good general health who are committed to oral hygiene can have dental implant surgery.

Q.  Do dental implants hurt?

Every surgical procedure carries some discomfort, and pain is such a post-effect, but it is painless during the process of implant placement, as the treatment area is numbed. At Kaesthetics, we use local anaesthesia to ensure the procedure will be pain-free without unwanted discomforts. Depending on the area of treatment and technique/method employed, the days after your dental implant surgery could cause some discomforts that are managed effectively with painkillers. 

Q. Are dental implants safe?

Dental implants are completely safe with the expert hands of dental implant surgeons. From a safety point of view, the procedure must be carried out in an accredited cosmetic surgery centre equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the highest safety and hygiene standards, and a team of board-certified restorative dentists, periodontists, dental technicians, and implant surgeons.


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