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hair restoration and hair transplant

Hair Restoration And Hair Transplant

The field of hair restoration, hair transplant has had an uproar over the past decades with new techniques and inventions. From the days of punch grafting to the present day of follicular unit hair transplantation. Techniques have evolved in the last 50 years, resulting in more natural (and aesthetically pleasing) hair transplants. The discussion of transplantation refers to micrografts or mini-grafts or, more specifically in current nomenclature, follicular grafts.


Most common type of hair loss in both men and women is Androgenic Alopecia/ Male Pattern Baldness. Other reasons could be some skin disease or scarring due to trauma.


Hair loss Causes:

Medical problems ( Hypothyroidism, pregnancy)

Alopecia Areata ( patchy hair loss)

Telogen effluvium ( diffuse loss of long hair with roots) Medications

Use of too many commercial chemicals (dyes/sprays)


Our team of dermatologists will analyse your hair and hair roots with a unique hair analyser. Appropriate oral medications and topical shampoos, lotions will be advised based on each individuals hair quality and scalp skin.


Medical therapy for hair loss can be taken for a maximum of 2-3 years, however post that. Hair transplant is the only way to camouflage the bald patch of scalp.


Hair consists of a shaft and a root. The shaft is the visible portion of the scalp surface. The root or bulb is the follicle and sits at an oblique angle in the scalp. Hair grows at different angles, depending on the site of the scalp, and the proper angulation of the hair is key in hair restoration surgery to effect a natural result.“Follicle” literally means a “Hair Root”.

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