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bridal makeover

Bridal Makeover

As a new bride transitions into this exciting phase of her life and prepares for her big day, Dr.Karishma Aesthetics is here to make sure she does so feeling confident and secure in herself.

Being a bride is more than just about the wedding, but being able to step into your the next phase of your life with your significant other. Looking and feeling the way you have always dreamt of being, not just on your wedding day but in your marriage is a large part of making this dream a happy success.


This being the full range of procedures, you can choose the ones you would like after discussing your goals and desired results with your doctor.

Liposuction – To remove those unwanted pockets of “stubborn” fat, that won’t go with diet and exercise, like at the inner thighs, arms, waistline, tummy and chin, so that your are looking your slimmest best on your special day.

Teeth Whitening Treatment – We can brighten and whiten discoloured teeth with our professional whitening system. In-office/Chairside Whitening – A protective gel is applied to your gums and bleach is then applied to the teeth. The procedure is carried out at Dr. Karishma Aesthetics and results are better and quicker.

Facial Medispa Treatments – Skin rejuvenation peels, skin lasers, rejuvenation Oxy Facials – to give your face a radiant youthful glow that you can maintain with good skincare, regular diet and exercise.

Hair restoration and Hair transplant – Restore your youthful mane. Regrow, repair and nurture damaged, dull and thinning hair to look your best for your best future.

Laser Hair Removal – Permanently remove or slow the hair growth in areas of your choosing (legs, arms, underarms, bikini, face) and manage your grooming needs far more efficiently.


During your initial consultation with Dr Karishma, this is what you will discuss in detail. You may not need all of these procedures. You may opt for some and not others. Be sure to know what you want the most, and research these procedures before meeting us. Every woman is different and procedures have to be customised to your goals and needs.


Most women coming for such procedures would be in the midst of planning their big day and have many concerns regarding the efficacy and maintenance required to preserve the effects of these procedures for the long term. While some of these are simple, in-patient procedures, some of them are invasive procedures that require recovery. It is best to plan your time efficiently take 1 to 2 weeks off from your work and make sure you follow all necessary precautions.

Dr Karishma will give you an extensive recovery protocol and pain medications to relieve your distress. Pain, swelling and bruising are expected with any procedure. These will gradually subside.


We recommend that you plan for your Bridal Makeover at least 6 months before your wedding day. Depending on the procedures you would like, especially weight loss procedures, there should be a comfortable buffer between your procedure and your wedding day for you to heal completely and enjoy yourself while looking natural and feeling comfortable.

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