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calf augmentation

Calf Augmentation

An unconventional new plastic surgery procedure gaining popularity in various countries including India. Many men and women these days are conscious about their legs and spend hours in the gym to tone and build muscle.

However, lack of muscle bulk and undesirable shaped calves, makes many people insecure about the shape of their legs. For those looking to surgically correct the shape of their calves, the answer has been a calf augmentation.


Traditionally silicone implants are being used for augmentation. Implants are placed above the calf muscle in a snug pocket created surgically. However, there have been risks involved with this procedure- like fluid collection around the implant pocket, extrusion of the implant and the implant moving abnormally at a later date.

Fat Grafting

This being a revolutionary breakthrough in calf augmentation, making it a lot easier and safer. In fat grafting, fat is taken from one part of your own body and injected into the calf region. As there is no foreign substance involved, chances of infection and other risks are less. Fat grafting is a very commonly performed daycare procedure these days, same fat can be used to augment any area of your body (breast/ buttocks/cheeks/ chin/biceps/ chest in males/ depressed scars/ burn scars).

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