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skin - pore clarifying treatment

Skin - Pore Clarifying Treatment

This is a revolutionary patented 3-in-1 technology to treat skin conditions like acne, as well unclog pores, correct pigmentation and rejuvenate the skin.

It infuses the skin with pore clarifying serum at the moment of exfoliation, before the wound-healing phase begins. This results in deeper penetration and better absorption and retention, which makes the skin plumper, evens out its texture and tone and keeps it hydrated.

The treatment comprises salicylic acid, bakuchiol – the new skin superhero plant extract – and oregano oil. Salicylic acid addresses non-inflammatory acne and removes warts. Oregano oil kills acne causing bacteria. Bakuchiol not only combats acne causing bacteria it also reduces inflammation and promotes collagen production to keep the skin looking young and fresh.

This is the first and only acne treatment to feature a fully solubilized bakuchiol for better penetration into pores to yield faster clinical results.

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