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skin grafting

skin grafting

Certain wounds caused due to trauma or burns , there is loss of skin or soft tissue in that area. When the area to heal is very large, or may take months to heal, the best solution is to take thin skin from your own body ( usually thighs) and place It over that wound, to hasten the healing process.


Any form of abnormal scarring is termed as keloid or hypertrophic scarring. Both are manifestations of exaggerated scar tissue formation. Your scars may tend to become lumpy, red, itchy and painful at times . both these issues can be fixed with giving serial Steroid injections , silicone gel sheets with compression dressings.


Certain scars (due to burn wounds or trauma) form long , thick and sometimes painful bands. These tight bands may obstruct your daily functions and hamper daily activities. These contractures can be corrected by procedures like- Scar Revision, Scar Excisions with skin grafting or skin flaps.


unlike skin grafts, flaps are used for covering deep wounds and cavities caused due to burns, trauma and cancer. It may be required for covering vital structures and reconstructing the eyes, nose, cheeks, lips or any other part of the body.

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