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melasma / skin spots / pigmentation

Melasma / Skin Spots / Pigmentation

Melasma is a common skin disorder affecting millions of people worldwide and India. It appears as brown patches on the forehead/nose/cheeks/chin of both men and women. It usually occurs in people above 40 years of age who have darker skin. It is thought to occur due to sun exposure and/or hormonal influences. It is also seen occur more frequently during pregnancy.


Treatments for melasma include topical creams, oral medications, and combination treatments

Zein Obagi Skin Protocol with Q switched Nd Yag Lasers

Prolonged Zein Obagi Skin regime with maintenance for 8 to 12 months

Topical creams – Retinoids/ Hydroquinone/ Kojic acid/ steroid creams

Q Switched Nd Yag Laser- causes Melanosome destruction

As Melasma is influenced by hormones in our body, you need to do multiple maintenance sessions of Q switched ND Yag laser to keep the pigmentation in control.

Combination Therapy of Q Switched Nd Yag Laser with Zein Obagi gives the best long term lightening of the pigmentation

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