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platelet rich plasma prp & facial

platelet rich plasma prp & facial

In a PRP treatment, platelet rich plasma is extracted and injected in the deep dermis or far layer of concern areas to promote faster and effective regeneration and rejuvenation.

PRP Results – It promotes collagen growth and regenerates the tissues under the skin, making the skin smoother and firmer and at the same time helps in softening the wrinkles, correcting the skin tone and overall texture. In a nutshell- healthier, younger and glowing skin.

Uses of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

When you are facing thinning of hair

Hair loss treatment – In PRP for hair, the objective it to regenerate, strengthen the hair follicles and to stimulate hair growth and health. If any baldness in men exists – Hair Transplant is indicated.

Skin rejuvenation

Puffiness under the eyes

Fine wrinkles and fine lines on the face

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