Top 7 Benefits of Fat Transfer: Turn the Clock with Fat Transfer

Top 7 Benefits of Fat Transfer: Turn the Clock with Fat Transfer

“Augment the body the way you want & feel rejuvenated with naturally vibrant, youthful skin.”

  • You can’t stop ageing, but it can be turned back with facial fat injection.
  • You can look more vibrant, young, and your face will be able to experience a spotless, wrinkle less appearance with defined contour & volume.
  • Fat grafting/transfer will be able to restore facial, breast, buttock volume give fullness to the cheeks, smile lines, temples, chin, frown lines, and lips.
  • Brazilian butt lift can be achieved with fat transfer.

Do you want to have such a procedure that can give you all these benefits without the chances of side effects? And all in one with medically proven cosmetic treatment is the fat transfer or known as fat transfer augmentation/fat injection.

Fat transfer or fat injection is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed to restore lost volume in the face, hands, buttocks, and breasts. The procedure has many benefits that add to its acceptance in cosmetic surgery, but what makes it more worthy is a natural way of doing the procedure with the natural thing. It means the surgeon uses your own body fat for the placement; however, there is no chance of chemical reactions or side effects.

The best target areas that are enhanced by fat transfer are as follows:

  • Face, including cheeks, lips, hollows under the eyes, chin, temple hollowness,
  • Breasts
  • Hands
  • Hips & Buttocks
  • Pitted acne scars
  • Eyelids
  • Lips
  • Calf + bicep enhancement in men (instead of Implants)
  • Chest (in males) to achieve a more athletic appearance. 

Fat transfer or fat grafting procedure uses the patient’s own body fat which is harvested/ extracted with the help of liposuction technique and the expert plastic & cosmetic surgeon uses these fats to enhance the volume of the treated areas such as the face, buttock, and breast. The procedure is also known as autologous fat transfer, which helps in removing small pockets of fat from the localized body parts, i.e., thighs, belly, or buttock, using a suction device.

The dual significance of the fat transfer procedure can be understood by its nature and uses that firstly improves the volume & contour and secondly it rejuvenates the skin and tissues in the desired treatment body areas. It is an important cosmetic treatment for restoring the youthfulness of the facial skin and makes it vibrant, flawless, and spotless in a better way. The nature of fat cells to survive and thrive is because of the re-growing ability of new blood supply into those cells.
As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Karishma Kagodu harvests fat for transfer and have a credit record of offering the most natural outcomes among her patients. Dr. Karishma Aesthetics clinic has 5-star facilities adhered to international standards for following the safety and hygiene parameters committed towards giving the best fat transfer surgery results in Bangalore, India.

Why should you receive Fat Transfer Surgery, here top 7 benefits that give you a turn to reverse the clock:

1.    It is a natural method to boost aesthetic beauty:

Autologous fat transfer is a natural method of enhancing volume, body contour, shape, or size as it uses the patient’s own body fat. It is based on the fact that the new blood supply can grow back into the areas where fat is grafted after the harvesting process. However, there is no fear of any foreign substance entering into your bodies. The body’s own fat becomes natural filler.

2.    Vast improvements in technique & technology help in having the best outcomes:

Dr. Karishma Kagodu is so much more than a cosmetic surgeon and has a medical, as well as an aesthetic vision to understand the case more precisely. She also offers Nano fat serum (the advanced technique of fat grafting with Platelet-rich fibrin matrix) to the treatment areas in order to offer improved results with more rejuvenation and more aesthetic volume and contour. Dr. Karishma is continually researching the latest advancement in fat grafting, honing her craft to provide her patients with stellar results. With more than 12 years of surgical experience, Dr. Karishma is an expert in this procedure.

3.    The Fat transfer gives long-lasting Results:

Yes, it gives long-lasting results and a more natural look after the procedure/treatment. The less movement in areas the better the fat survives and gives long-lasting results. The results may last for years or even longer if you don’t lose much weight. But, one must understand that the cosmetic procedures are highly customized and it may vary from one patient to another both with respect to choosing the technology to perform the surgery and achieving the outcomes to meet the desired aesthetic goal. Fat transfer done for cheeks or temples usually has long-lasting results compared to lips because of its nature of being a mobile structure of the face.

4.    The Fat transfer healing process is interesting:

The healing process of fat transfer is quite smooth and easier. Apart from artificial fillers, the fat adopts a new place after grafting and a new blood supply can re-grow into the fat grafting areas. It is living tissue that goes into a new place and survives and thrives naturally without the hassle of chemical reactions or discomforts. The minor discomforts are effectively controlled with post-op care, instructions, and medications.

5.    It is a minimally invasive way to rejuvenated skin:

One can experience fuller, younger-looking skin with a few injections of their own fat. However, it will give you an easy and speedy recovery with very minimal pain, swelling, or bruising. There is very little downtime with expeditious recovery that makes this procedure less invasive. Longer downtime may be experienced with buttock fat grafting.

6.    It reduces the chance of allergic reactions:

Rare occurrences of fat cysts/oil cysts, fat nodules are encountered which can be treated conservatively and resolves its own in most cases. But, no worries about these side effects or any reactions because it’s all your own fat that is grafted into the treatment areas. The fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, or others, which often contain various chemicals may cause chemical reactions, but the fat transfer is all safe and doesn’t cause harm to the body or face.

7.    Recovery time is very short:

Recovery from fat transfer can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the nature of your procedure, chosen technique to perform the surgery, as well as the area being treated. Thus, it is an easy procedure with less downtime that gives a hassle-free recovery if you follow the instructions given by your cosmetic surgeon.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of fat transfer is quite safe, easy and a result-oriented procedure that is performed by using your own body fat, which gives a dual significance of facial rejuvenation as well as body contouring at an affordable cost of fat transfer in Bangalore, India.

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