Am I too old for Plastic Surgery?

Am I too old for Plastic Surgery?

·       According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a study finds cosmetic procedures as safe for the elderly and the young.

·       Most often, patients in their 30s, 40s, or 50s seek plastic surgery's help to achieve the desired transformation.

·       Patients over 65 can safely undergo plastic/cosmetic surgery with the same complication rate as younger patients.

·       The risks or side effects are almost negligible when a board-certified plastic surgeon performs plastic/cosmetic surgeries.

Plastic surgeries are a major transforming decision and are considered okay with younger or middle-aged people at first thought. But the reality is more evident and prevalent even with older patients above 65 or below 80s. Plastic surgery is the best option for everyone seeking a beautiful transformation in their body or face. However, getting worried about age or disfigurement is irrelevant in today.

Dr. Karishma Kagodu, MS, M CH., a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Bangalore and an active member of leading ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), APSI (Association of Plastic Surgeons of India), IAAPS (Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), and RSE (Rhinoplasty Society of Europe) noted that there is no age bar for plastic surgeries. I have operated on many patients, healthy 65-70-year-olds seeking breast augmentation, body lift, and overall body contouring. And, this is good news that ASPS declared that plastic surgery procedures are just as safe for the elderly as for young ones.

What you must Consider Before Surgery?

Even though age is not an obstacle for plastic surgery, it requires extreme introspection while planning the procedure to achieve the best results possible. Therefore, plastic cosmetic surgeries should be taken with seriousness and maturity when it comes to finding the best plastic surgeon, accredited clinic/hospital, safety measures, and result-proven techniques. However, research and development are prerequisites to making the right decision at the right time.

Key points to be considered while planning a plastic/cosmetic surgery are discussed below:

1.    Medical status: If you are considering plastic cosmetic surgery, you must be physically healthy with no serious record of chronic illness, autoimmune disorder, or allergies. You should have a medical clearance report concerning the blood tests, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc., to give clearance on board for plastic surgeries. If you have any current or previous medical conditions, your surgeon will discuss whether they will affect your candidacy or the procedure's efficacy. However, it is inevitable to attend an introductory consultation before proceeding with any decision.

2.    Realistic expectations: When someone wants to undergo plastic surgery, they must be mentally prepared for a transformation, as the procedure helps achieve a new you in your profile. However, it is equally essential that you have realistic expectations with the surgery and have no unrealistic demands for the surgery. Nothing can be done overnight, as every procedure goes through a journey of pre-and-post-op preparation, recovery, healing, and a timeline for achieving the results. It would help if you had a realistic goal based on education, what the procedure is designed for, and what they can accomplish from surgery.

3.    One-on-one consultation: Yes, the in-person consultation with your plastic surgeon is mandatory to know whether you are the right fit for the procedure. This is the state where it is examined whether your physical health allows you to proceed with the transformation journey or requires evaluation with respect to time, health, or extent of the issue. Dr. Karishma Kagodu can thoroughly evaluate your situation and then only chalk out the best option.

It is never too late for plastic surgery. Are you interested in body contouring or facial rejuvenation, or are you more inclined towards the non-surgical options for facial ageing, or may you have the desire to achieve the 360-body lift? Or do you want younger, more lifted breasts with breast lift surgery? Every surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment option is available at Dr. Karishma Aesthetics. Contact us today by calling +91 8042036382, +91 9108969006, +91 7624809006, or by filling out our online contact form.

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