Top 4 Benefits of Body Contouring Surgery

Top 4 Benefits of Body Contouring Surgery

·        Do you want to flaunt your body shape?

·        Have you been irritated with a restricted diet and exercise but couldn’t achieve the desired results?

·        Do you wish to express your body appeal, but the present body profile prevents you from doing so?

·        Do you feel low due to hanging skin or sagging on the abdomen, breasts, arms, or thighs?

If the points above are your cause of concern, it is better to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon. Body contouring surgery in Bangalore is a result-proven option as most of the best plastic surgeons have their clinic in the state generate clients/patients in a decent number. Body contouring surgery can be a set of plastic surgery procedure includes more than one body contouring surgery at the same time to offer you desired contour profile.

We all know that age, sun exposure, genetics, and lifestyle all take a toll on the skin health and determine how well the skin “bounces back” after significant weight loss. Sagging and loose skin become common issues after a massive weight loss, and losing weight doesn’t always conform to the newly slim body shape. However, body contouring surgery is inevitable to adopt the aesthetic shape/contour and size.

What is Body Contouring Surgery?

Body contouring surgery or sculpting is a plastic surgery procedure that eliminates unwanted fat, shape areas of the body that are most prominent for appealing figure, and tighten skin. Body contouring surgery is not a specific weight loss surgery. Still, it provides desired shape to the body where the weight loss regime is ineffective, or the aftermath of significant weight loss presents with extra hanging skin.

Body contouring surgery is employed for most areas of the body, primarily targets the following sites: -

·        Arms

·        Back

·        Belly and flanks (love handles)

·        Buttocks

·        Neck and chin

·        Thighs.

The top 4 benefits of Body Contouring surgery are as follows:

1.     You will have more defined, well-shaped body parts.

The most significant advantage of body contouring surgery is its result of more defined and well-shaped body parts. The excess fat is eliminated, and sagging skin is tightened with the help of liposuction and lift procedures. Therefore, a more defined and sculpted profile is achieved where the surgical procedure is targeted, i.e., arms, thighs, breasts, belly, buttocks, neck, etc. Body contouring surgery is recommended when diet and exercise are restricted to achieve the desired sculpting goal.

2.     A tummy tuck, breast lift, and removal of love handle and double chin give an appealing profile to a woman.

A woman gets a total benefit of a body contouring surgery as a particular part of mommy makeover where tummy tuck, breast or buttock lift, removal of love handle, or double chin is performed to meet the sculpting goal. And this surgery help achieves aesthetic body contouring improves the overall body image and self-confidence of a person.

3.     Body contouring gives you many surplus benefits.

Besides the desired sculpting, body contouring surgery also helps meet many surplus benefits, such as reducing stretch marks, wrinkles, or sagging. Thus, one can receive the procedure as a body rejuvenation goal and improve the overall body profile and appearance.

4.     Body contouring is performed with an advanced result-oriented, and safe technique.

The most significant benefit of body contouring surgery is its result-oriented nature and a risk-free operating procedure. Day-by-day technology is upgrading, and so the results are improving. It is a safer and outcome-driven surgical procedure that requires a careful assessment with a board-certified plastic surgeon before planning the surgery as a final decision.


Overall, we can say that body contouring helps achieve desired body contour plus added benefits of body rejuvenation effect. Even though body contouring is result-oriented and a safe procedure, plastic surgeons insist the patients follow a healthy lifestyle, including diet management and exercise, to maintain a long-lasting result.

If you are interested in scheduling your consultation for body contouring procedures, please call Dr. Karishma Kagodu, MS, M CH, a board-certified plastic surgeon, at +91 8042036382, +91 9108969006, and schedule an appointment today.

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