What are the Benefits of Fat Transfer in Body Contouring

What are the Benefits of Fat Transfer in Body Contouring


·        Are you worried about the shape, size, and volume of your breasts or buttocks?

·        Do you want to have a contoured body profile with an aesthetic shape & size?

·        You have enough fat in your body, and you wish to place it in other areas where deflation or volume loss is presented.

·        Do you want to have a natural enhancement rather than choosing medical devices, i.e., implants?

Fat transfer or fat grafting/fat injection is a cosmetic procedure that restores volumes and defines your body and face shape to regain youthfulness and meet the desired aesthetic body contour. Fat transfer is medically known as autologous fat transfer that gives you the desired enhancement, especially in the breasts and buttocks, without implants. Fat transfer surgery in Bangalore is the most demanded cosmetic procedure among patients/clients who wish to achieve the desired body contour without the bother of lengthy cosmetic surgery.

The cost of fat transfer in Bangalore is concerned; it is all based on the amount of fat required to meet the goal, the targeted areas to define the shape, and the credibility of a surgeon and clinic.

What is Fat Transfer Procedure?

Fat transfer is a terrific way to regain volume that has been lost is through an advanced cosmetic method known as autologous fat transfer. The procedure is based on the extraction and placement method, where fat from localized body areas is extracted via liposuction and then placed into the areas that need aesthetic enhancement. A fat transfer can be used on large body areas, such as breasts or buttocks, and helps correct delicate features, like the smile lines, lips, cheeks, or under the eyelid.

What is body Contouring with Fat Transfer?

Body contouring surgery is performed to bring an aesthetic shape to your body. The buttocks, breasts, abdomen, or hands are shaped, and the needed volume is restored to match a perfect body contour. For example, breast augmentation with fat transfer is a surgical procedure that can significantly change your breasts' shape, size, and volume and give a perfect contour. Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a safe, natural, and risk-free cosmetic procedure that offers you the desired breast contour. Today, it has become more widespread due to its benefits of quicker recovery, more natural results, and riskless or infection-free characters. A patient also has natural enhancement rather than using a medical device or implant.

The Significant Benefits of Fat Transfer in Contouring is discussed below: -

1.    It gives you a natural result:

Fat transfer done to volumize the specific body areas helps achieve desired contour and smoothness. Fat is harvested from the patient's body, and after purification, the processed/purified fat is placed in the areas that require aesthetic enhancement. And so, one can regain their own fat from the areas that don't need enough fat, and further, the areas that require volume and shape are attained. However, it is a natural way to fill the volume requirement in areas with lost volume and need significantly contouring.

2.    Fat transfer offers you a safe, natural, and lasting solution for a more youthful appearance:

Fat transfer also plays a pivotal role in making your facial appearance rejuvenate and filling the aging gap by correcting the hollows under the eyes, adding shape to your lips, and improving laugh lines. Therefore, the fat transfer procedure has a dual benefit that offers you an overall rejuvenated facial and body appearance. Consequently, it is often chosen when a patient wishes to have a natural method rather than a temporary substance, like a filler.

3.    Fat can be transferred to almost any location you want to add shape or rejuvenate:

    This is the significant benefit of a fat transfer that it can be done for any location where you want to add volume and shape. The prerequisite is that you have enough fat to achieve the procedural result. One who is bothered about the pocket of fat deposits and wishes to improve the shape of other areas is a suitable candidate for fat transfer surgery. A fat transfer procedure can achieve the Brazilian Butt lift (BBL), hand rejuvenation, face rejuvenation, buttock augmentation, and breast augmentation. A fat transfer can also be combined with a breast implant or breast reconstruction to minimize imperfections.

4.    Fat transfer has a significantly less chance of side effects:

There is no doubt about unwanted implant ruptures or infections because it's your body fat placed in the treated location. However, one can achieve a quicker recovery and long-lasting results followed by proper care. Despite this, it gives you a more natural effect, and a touch-up session can be recommended as per your condition and expectations if required.


Overall, fat transfer is a natural method to add volume, attain smoothness, and achieve the desired contour preferred most by those who wish to have a natural enhancement.  However, despite this, a small amount of fat usually doesn't appropriately stick to its new location, so Dr. Karishma Kagodu, M.S., M.Ch. prefers to add slightly more fat than is required. If you want to know more about fat transfer, call us at +91 8042036382, +91 9108969006, and schedule your consultation today.

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