How Can I find the Right Breast Augmentation Surgery

How Can I find the Right Breast Augmentation Surgery


"It is the aesthetic expertise of the surgeon that decides the success of breast augmentation as every patient is different requires personalized assessment!"

·        Do you want to restore the look of your breasts?

·        Have you undergone massive weight loss or had a mastectomy (breast removal)?

·        Are you dealing with visual imbalances of the breasts both in and out of clothes?

·        Do you want to restore your self-confidence and body image?

·        Are you worried about choosing the right plastic surgeon for breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery or boob job is one of the most sought-after procedures in Bangalore. Breast augmentation surgery helps women restore the look and appearance of breasts and give them a fuller, contoured, and symmetric breast appearance.

Dr. Karishma Kagodu, MS, M CH., at Dr. Karishma Aesthetics in Bangalore, India, performs breast surgery, including breast augmentation/implants, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction.

A thorough analysis and research work have a crucial role in deciding the best plastic surgeon for breast augmentation surgery. So, visiting the various websites, press releases, reviews portals, and feedback channels have a directive role in identifying the right plastic surgeon.

Before starting anything, I would like to tell you the role of breast augmentation surgery and why it is so sought-after plastic surgery across women globally.

The role of breast augmentation surgery to enhance your feminine figure can be understood by the following: -

1.     Breast augmentation is an option for women with sagging, smaller, and asymmetric breasts.

2.     Breast augmentation surgery gives you a fuller, contoured, shapelier, and symmetric breasts profile.

3.     Either saline or silicone implant is used to perform breast augmentation surgery that offers you the desired look according to your choice, desire, and surgical goal.

4.     Breast augmentation surgery helps improve glamour world impact and social opportunity and enhance the overall feminine profile to make you feel good and look beautiful.

5.     You will have improved self-confidence and body image after having an enhanced breast profile with aesthetic volume, contour, size, and symmetry.

Why is Breast augmentation surgery so prominent across women globally?

1.     The breast augmentation procedure makes your breasts fuller, bigger, and you get an opportunity to try stylish clothes to showcase your personality.

2.     Breast augmentation makes your breasts bigger and makes the breasts perkier; symmetric that sits higher on the chest enhances your personality appeal.

3.     FDA-approved breast implants are safe and have few complications such as infection, wound healing, or the possibility of blood accumulation at the surgical site. And the risks are lesser or no with a competent and expert plastic surgeon.

4.     Recovery from breast augmentation/implantation surgery is quite shorter and manageable. It gives you long-lasting results at an inexpensive cost.

5.     Breast augmentation gives you a whole new set of wardrobe options plus improves your self-confidence and body image.

How can I find the right Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation?

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for breast augmentation surgery requires the following parameters to check about: -

A.   The expert board-certified plastic surgeon: Nothing can replace the skillful hands who performs the surgery with utmost surgical precision and aesthetic understanding. It is essential to note that your chosen surgeon should be board-certified. It is an extra step in a surgeon's proficiency in specific surgical skills and potential sets them apart from other medical practitioners. Board certification is a token of assurance that the adorned surgeons have particular knowledge, skills, and expertise in their specialty. Board-certified plastic surgeons demonstrate their desire to practice at the top of their profession and deliver high-quality results.

B.   The Award, Accolade, and Media Presence: The received awards, accolades, and media presence weigh the credentials of a performer because it assures us about the contribution of plastic surgeons towards their specialty. Dr. Karishma Kagodu, MS, M CH., is highly appreciated for her contributions in the plastic surgery fraternity and is specifically recommended for reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, including breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction surgeries.

C.   Experience of the plastic surgeon: The performing breast augmentation surgeon must have in-depth knowledge about the cases and be well-versed in doing the procedure with no risks or discrepancies. And, all these perfections only come with enriched surgical experiences that allow them to decide the right type of implants or technique to perform breast augmentation surgeries.

D.   The active membership of reputed plastic surgery societies: The recognized plastic surgeon's contributions are weighed based on their active membership of reputed plastic surgery societies or associations. The performing surgeons recognized by fellow leaders in the cosmetic industry for their commitment and devotion towards delivering high-quality outcomes adhered to patient safety and confidentiality weigh the top credentials.

The active membership from the following societies is token of the surgeon's excellence:

·        ASPS: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

·        ISAPS: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeries


Overall, we can say that finding the right plastic surgeon for breast augmentation requires a thorough analysis and research regarding the surgeon's contribution in the respective field. While selecting the right breast augmentation surgeon, one should be wise and very particular. Considering board-certified with a specific interest in breast surgeries is always a worth decision.

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