Nose job for Pronounced Nasal Shape and Wide tip: What to Know & How to Act

Nose job for Pronounced Nasal Shape and Wide tip: What to Know & How to Act

·        Are you feeling low due to a humped, saddle, depressed, flat, or wide nose?

·        Do you have a problem with a wide tip, boxy tip, deviated, crooked nose, short nose, or long nose and you want to correct it?

·        Do you want to improve your present nose shape and size?

·        Are you feeling conscious in public, or in front of the camera due to the ill structure of your nose?

     You don’t need to get bothered anymore because your concerns can be best answered with the nose job surgery in Bangalore. First of all, rhinoplasty surgery in Bangalore, India has gained popularity from the last decade due to the availability of the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Indiranagar, Bangalore, and people from all over India take an interest to visit DR Karishma Aesthetics and get the surgery done with the expert hands of DR Karishma Kagodu.

      Not everyone is blessed with an aesthetically pleasing facial profile since birth. There is a variation in innate behavior, feature, and, of course, in attaining the traits from genes. Therefore, every individual is different with a different facial and body profile, traits, behavior, and adaptability to receive certain things, disease, or nature. However, having nose surgery is very common if someone is not satisfied with their nose shape, size, and structure. Rhinoplasty surgery or nose job/nose surgery is all about correcting and reconstructing the ill shape and size of the nose that also improves the nose functioning in terms of correcting the breathing problems by correcting a deviated septum.

    What is a dorsal Hump?

      It is a cartilage and bone irregularities of the nose that can cause a “bump” or “hump” in the outline of a person’s nose. Thus, it is common to have a dorsal hump that requires an aesthetic nose job surgery to bring the look transformation with a perfect shape and size of the nose. There is nothing harmful or unhealthy about these naturally occurring humps, but it doesn’t look good or aesthetically sound if a person has a dorsal hump. The dorsal hump is successfully removed by rhinoplasty/nose job surgery.

   What should you know about Dorsal Hump?

     This write-up will explain to you why dorsal hump occurs and what you can do to solve the issue, and what to expect if you have decided to go with the surgical option.

    Why does the dorsal hump happen?

     The nasal dorsal is the bone and cartilage structure that connects the nose to your face. It is also called the bridge of the nose. The dorsal can develop a hump due to several reasons that you must aware of.

     Dorsal can develop a hump due to two prime reasons:

1.     Genetics: Sometimes it is genetics as people can inherit the hump genes from their family and are born with a tendency to develop a hump/bump in their nose.

2.     Trauma or injury: Yes, it can cause hump/bump to develop. A broken or A bruise on your nose may cause a dorsal hump if cartilage and bone don’t heal evenly.

     How dorsal hump is different from deviated septum?

     Deviated septum: Deviated septum is often caused by injury or occurs during fetal development and is apparent at birth. Deviated septum is a condition in which a thin wall (nasal septum) between your nasal passages is displaced to one side. In its severe state, it can block one side of your nose and affect airflow. And difficult breathing can be experienced by the patients. You’ll need rhinoplasty surgery to correct a deviated septum.

     Dorsal hump/bump: Unlike deviated septum dorsal hump, don’t affect the breathing process. But, a dorsal hump can make your nose look compromised. One must know bone and cartilage irregularity have no role in breathing issues. Removing a dorsal hump may be a personal decision, but correcting the deviated septum is a medical necessity.

    What is a Wide Tip issue?

     Bulbous nose or wide nasal tip issue occurs due to genetics and geographical reason. Some ethnic groups are more likely to have a wide nose tip.  It is corrected by rhinoplasty surgery. It is common to have otoplasty/nose job surgery if a person wants to have a better-shaped nose. An otoplasty is just one aspect to correct a wide nose tip, a minimally invasive procedure. The board-certified plastic surgeon can use an open or closed approach to a wide nose tip. 

     Some common cause of a wide nose tip is jotted down below:

     1.     Excessive cartilage or excessive spring to the nose cartilage

     2.     Excessive spacing between cartilages

     3.     Poor cartilage definition

     4.     Thick skin around the nasal tip.

    How to act to correct the issue:

    A.   Initial consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon: This is mandatory to attend a primary consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you’re planning to undergo a surgical option. There are some techniques to perform a rhinoplasty surgery, i.e., open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty so it’s better to discuss your surgeon will help you decide what your unique needs are before moving forward with rhinoplasty surgery.

    B.   Ask as many questions, as you can: It is good to ask questions with your surgeon, and clarifying the doubts and confusion definitely helps in planning the nose job surgery. It is good to know what technique will be feasible in your problem state, what is recovery like, what will be the realistic expectations, how the best results could be achieved, and last, but not least the cost of nose job surgery. These all things should know beforehand in order to plan the surgery and so the realistic goal could be met.

    C.   Where can you find a board-certified surgeon: Doing some research and finding the best one is a prerequisite before having a dorsal hump reduction surgery, it comes under the must-to-do list. It is good to go by specific websites and check the after-and-before photographs of the past patients. The accreditation, credentials, and reputed plastic surgery society’s membership also play a key role. Thus, it is a wise decision to go through a surgeon’s credentials and active participation in the recognized aesthetic plastic surgery bodies, contribution in the world congress meetings, as well as the annual meeting of rhinoplasty society.

     Key takeaways:

The best decision always comes with a wise selection and the best outcomes; of course, it wholly and solely depends on the perfection of the plastic surgeon in doing the specific surgery. Removing a dorsal hump/bump is an individualized decision, but performing the same is customized attention. Thus, you need to choose the board-certified plastic surgeon so that realistic outcomes could be achieved and you’ll get the unmatched result.

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