Top 5 Misconceptions About Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Top 5 Misconceptions About Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


“Smooth out bumps and hollows and achieve straighter, more even desired shape of the nose with the liquid rhinoplasty!”

·        Are you feeling an optical illusion with the appearance of your nose?

·        Are you worried about non-surgical nose jobs because a lot of misconceptions out there?

·        Do you want an immediate solution to your nose concerns?

·        Are you feeling self-conscious in public?

No worries with the points above because you have landed on the right page where all your doubts will be debunked. It is a selective choice to opt for the liquid rhinoplasty or non-surgical job that helps meet the desired goal of your aesthetic nose shape.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty in Bangalore has been very popular because numerous candidates from cine and entertainment world are interested in achieving an immediate result of their nose appearance. It is a quick solution to your nose concerns that should be performed only by the board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon.

Suppose you are considering getting a non-surgical rhinoplasty; this write-up will help you understand the liquid nose job facts. First, let’s dive into the five of the most common misconceptions about non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Myth I: Non-surgical rhinoplasty results are permanent.

Fact: The results of non-surgical rhinoplasty are temporary and not permanent because it uses the latest long-lasting fillers, and thus outcomes can last up to 2 years. Due to hyaluronic acid fillers, cosmetologist at Dr. Karishma Aesthetics has total control over the amount to inject. The sustainability of results may vary from patient; thus if you want to keep your results, it is mandatory to get a touch-up down the line. You might have heard about permanent nose fillers but remember permanent nose fillers pose high risk of causing irreversible damage to the local end arteries present in the nose.

Myth II: Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is an expensive procedure.

Fact: The cost of cosmetic procedures wholly and solely depends on the performing cosmetic surgeon, the accreditation of the centre, the area of the nose injected, and the technique used by the practitioner. However, several factors are there to decide the cost of the procedure that may vary from one person to another. Thus, the cost is not a straight factor. It requires initial consultation with your surgeon to plan the procedure as per your feasibility. Typically, non-surgical rhinoplasty often costs around a tenth of the price of a surgical rhinoplasty.

Myth III: Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is Risk-free.

Fact: Undoubtedly, liquid rhinoplasty is less risky and quick result-proven procedure, but it doesn’t mean it is all without any sorts of discomforts. Thus, you should be aware of minor complications associated with the non-rhinoplasty procedure. People who undergo non-surgical nose job may experience a little redness and sensitivity after the procedure. You must know the nose is an extremely sensitive area packed with a lot of blood vessels. It involves some discomforts, but no worries, the redness, and sensitivity will go within two or three days.

Myth IV: Liquid Rhinoplasty can correct all kinds of Nose deformities.

Fact: Non-surgical rhinoplasty is customized to suit the patient’s concerns and requirements. This procedure is mainly for those who don’t want to go for the healing timeline and the post-op measures. It is just a 30-minutes job most suitable for patients who require immediate solutions to their concerns.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is helpful in the following concerns:

ü Even out asymmetry

ü Making the nose straight

ü Smooth out bumps and hollows

ü Make a small nose appear more prominent, and a large nose appears smaller.

Myth V: Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is only for patients who don’t like the idea of surgery.

Fact: Anyone can go for a liquid nose job if they want to achieve the procedure on an urgent basis. And the reason may be either personal or professional. It is a quicker solution to the nose concerns one can achieve the desired shape and profile according to their requirement. The result can remain for 9 months or even up to two years, depending on the areas of the treatment and technique used by the plastic surgeon.

The bottom line:

It is always recommended to choose only a board-certified plastic cosmetic surgeon to have the non-surgical rhinoplasty to achieve the assured outcomes with no threat of risks or discomforts. Undoubtedly, it is cheaper and quicker than a traditional nose job, extending the priority of the procedure and becoming a popular option among many clients/patients.

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