Top 8 Quick Facts about Gynecomastia / Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Top 8 Quick Facts about Gynecomastia / Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia is a medical term referring to the enlargement of male breast. This condition has also been termed as “Male Breast Enlargement”/ “Male Breast Reduction Surgery”/ “Man Boobs”/ “Moobs” (a recent term added in the dictionary), requires plastic surgery attention. This condition occurs due to the overgrowth of the existing gland tissue and/or fatty tissue beneath the nipple region of the male chest. A very common issue faced by more than 60-70% of young teenagers and adults.
A transient enlargement of the breast gland/fatty tissue may start during puberty or adolescence, and in most patients, an observation period is appropriate. Many boys may find this nipple lumpiness and fat reduction with diet & exercise, or strenuous sports as time pass. Some of them find this swelling not reducing even after strenuous exercises- hence labelling it Gynecomastia. In patients outside this pubertal/adolescent bracket, we must rule out other causes like hormonal imbalance, long term intake of drugs like anti-anxiety pills, spironolactone, ketoconazole, calcium channel blockers, or marijuana, and pathological etiologies, including liver cirrhosis, adrenal/testicular neoplasms, or hypogonadism. Certain medications, i.e., anabolic steroids taken by bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts can also lead to internal hormonal imbalance causing gynecomastia. According to ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), it has been reported that male breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia increased 5% from 2014 to around 35% since 2000.
We at DR. Karishma Aesthetics regularly engaged with a number of questions asked by the interested candidates and found that many doubts need to be clarified and fair information should be communicated among the prospective gynecomastia patients.

There are a few simple steps to follow when you’re looking for a Gynecomastia explanation.

  1. Schedule your primary consultation
  2. Meet the surgeon personally
  3. Admit you need clarification
  4. Be specific while choosing surgeon & clinic
  5. Ask many questions as you can

With the recent uptick in gynecomastia surgery, Dr. Karishma Kagodu found herself fielding many questions from prospective patients.

Following are some very important facts about Gynecomastia surgery explained below:

1. The hormone plays an important role in causing Gynecomastia:

One common myth about gynecomastia is that only overweight male patient experiences it. Many of us have doubts that it’s only caused by excess fat, but it’s not true. One can experience a larger breast due to excess fat (obesity) and also overdevelopment of ductal/ glandular tissue just like that seen in a woman. It could be a case of hormonal imbalance, and when the amount of testosterone (male sex hormone) decreases and estrogen (female sex hormone) levels rise beyond a limit, the problem can develop in the form of gynecomastia. 

2. Drinking Alcohol doesn’t cause Gynecomastia:

Some people have a misconception about drinking alcohol as it causes a rising level of estrogen hormone in the body. It’s not true because hoppy beers aren’t high enough to cause the problem. IPAs or beers with a high level of hops are blamed for triggering the male breast development or moobs. It is a myth that hops contain phytoestrogen, a type of estrogen found in plants. The levels of phytoestrogen found in IPAs or beers are not as to cause the problem.
But, there can be an issue when someone drinks a lot of alcohol as it causes hormonal imbalance in the body, obesity, weight gain, and fat development in the male chest and also the rest of the body. People with a lot of alcohol consumption behavior reported the issue of male breast development in such a case; it affects the body’s metabolic functions, and other irregularities caused by organ’s interference to convert the hormone from one form to another.

3. Obesity shouldn’t be confused with Gynecomastia:

Obesity does cause fat deposition in the male chest, confused with gynecomastia, but looks similar. The gynecomastia breast gland is removed with surgery, but exercises have a big role to play in toning the chest muscles and allowing the skin to retract post-surgery. Many times male chest enlargement is a combination of fatty tissue and glandular tissue. Obesity also causes hormonal imbalance, causing gynecomastia, however, it is important to understand the state of your problem, hence a primary evaluation needs to be done by the cosmetic surgeon.

4. There is  the treatment  for male breast enlargement:

Some people are confused about the treatment of male breast development and they think there is no treatment. Now it’s surgically solved along with the benefits of a sculpted chest profile for men. The treatment of gynecomastia has evolved towards less invasive approaches. With the advent of ultrasound-assisted liposuction, the majority of gynecomastia patients can achieve excellent results with minimal scar burden. We, at DR. Karishma Aesthetics, perform the gynecomastia surgery with the advanced technique of 4D high-definition VASER (Vibration-assisted Ultrasonic Liposuction) liposuction that has a significant role in giving a more chiseled and flat chest. A selected group of patients have excess chest skin and sagging which may require a gland and skin removal, also leaving behind a very inconspicuous scar at the edge of the areola. The treatment approach is based on the grade of gynecomastia (Grade I to Grade IV), with Grade IV indicating a very large breast gland with too much excess skin and sagging of the chest.

5. After surgery Gynecomastia doesn’t come back:

Generally, the problem of gynecomastia doesn’t come back once the surgery is done. Still, there are some myths about the re-development of man boobs so it’s a better idea to check with the surgeon about your problem. Every person is different and everyone will have a different response against the surgical procedure depending on their physiological status. Some people may report the recurrence, but it’s still reported very rarely. So as a wise patient it would be better to get a consultation with your plastic surgeon in order to make an informed decision.

6. Certain medical conditions trigger Gynecomastia:

Apart from hormonal factors, certain medical conditions can also cause male breast enlargement. Certain medications that are used to treat enlarged prostate, depression or stress, liver diseases, and heart ailments are responsible for causing the gynecomastia. The endocrine issue in men also triggers the “moobs” development. Therefore, it is inevitable to meet the surgeon and get an initial consultation to evaluate the condition prior to surgery.

7. Surgery should be received only from the board-certified Surgeon:

It is a highly customized procedure to treat gynecomastia problem and only board-certified plastic surgeons are allowed to perform the surgery. So, as a wise person, it is your accountability to do in-depth, thorough R&D before choosing the surgeon or clinic to have the surgery. The most important thing is that the performing surgeon should have expertise in doing the surgery because only then it is possible to receive the best outcomes. Only the good facilities or amenities can’t promise that things would be going to a great end. It’s your surgeon’s expertise and excellence that decides the best result with an easy recovery.

8. Gynecomastia Cost in Bangalore is the best Budget Surgery:

Out of most Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, in Bangalore, the cost of gynecomastia surgery is relatively less. The cost of gynecomastia in Bangalore can range from 30000 to 1, 00,000. As this surgery is highly customized, the cost of surgery may vary from person to person depending on the severity of the problem. Also, the clinic facilities and star rating make all the difference. At DR. Karishma Aesthetics, we provide you with a 5-star luxurious experience with 5-star amenities, 5-star equipment, 5-star ambiance, and a 5-star operating theatre facility (The only such High-end Modular Operating Theatre available in Bangalore, amongst any private plastic surgery clinic/ plastic surgery centre/ nursing home).
We are proud to be one of the only Cosmetic clinics in Bangalore to have the 4th generation Liposuction device (VASER-Ultrasound Liposuction).


In the nutshell, we can say that only doing surfing or finding facts online is not enough to make an informed decision. It is inevitable to schedule a consultation and meet the surgeon personally to get a customized surgical plan in your particular case of gynecomastia problem. Once you identify the myths from facts, it would be easier to make the right decision at the right time.


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