Top Things to Check When Considering Vaginal Tightening with Femilift

Top Things to Check When Considering Vaginal Tightening with Femilift


"Our practice is pleased to offer feminine health services in the form of Femilift laser vaginal tightening without invasive surgery!"

·        Are you suffering from a lack of sensation during sexual activities?

·        Are you dealing with intimacy discomfort that led to a lack of personal self-esteem?

·        Are you struggling with the post-childbirth effects and want to reverse these changes?

·        Do you want to improve the quality of orgasm and the appearance of your vagina?

In today's time, many women struggle with intimacy challenges but feel insecure about their medical counselors. At Dr. Karishma Aesthetics, we are pleased to offer you safe, confidential, result-proven cosmetic treatment services, and the femilift technique is one of those selections. Suppose you experience the concerns associated with vaginal health or appearance. In that case, it is no more taboo to talk about vaginal health. And considering a vaginal tightening treatment is more about your physical and psychological health than just improving your sexual life. However, vaginal tightening with Femilift technology is getting more popular in Bangalore, India. Women are interested in undergoing this treatment regardless of their class, status, or profession.

What is Vaginal Tightening?

Vaginal tightening is a part of vaginal rejuvenation that helps change the vaginal appearance and anatomy to enhance the pleasure of sexual activities. Vaginal tightening treatment or procedure is performed by both surgical and non-surgical methods to restore women's feminine health, wellness, rejuvenation, and overall vaginal appearance. In addition, vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty helps improve lubrication during sex, and women will be able to feel better orgasm. When vaginal tightening is done with a non-surgical method, some technology is used to perform the treatment, and Femilift is one of them. Femilift is a breakthrough intervention in vaginal rejuvenation treatment that helps improve issues related to vaginal atrophy and restore the function of the vagina.

What do you understand by Vaginal tightening with Femilift?

Femilift is an advanced technology to treat feminine issues that works on the fractional Co2 laser. Femilift treats patients with mild to moderate feminine health issues such as vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness and itchiness, painful sexual intercourse, stress urinary incontinence, and recurring urinary tract infections. We at Dr. Karishma Aesthetics use Co2 laser manufactured by Alma laser, a globally recognized laser manufacturer for aesthetic procedures. This technology is designed to deliver thermal energy to stimulate a healing response in the tissue and improve the tightening of the delicate tissue for better orgasm and feminine health.

Top Things to Check while considering vaginal tightening with Femilift technology are discussed below:

1.     Who is your Cosmetologist?

Before proceeding with the vaginal tightening treatment, it is necessary to check who will perform your treatment as only a board-certified plastic surgeon can do the procedure. Always choose an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to avoid mishappening. Femilift treatment is known to be safe and effective for most adult women. Still, it is crucial to check what technology the surgeon uses and how efficient they offer the best results. However, crosschecking the surgeon's qualification and experience is as much necessary as the procedure's relevance.

2.     What are the facilities & advancement of the cosmetic clinic/center?

The cosmetic clinic where you schedule your treatment must be equipped with advanced technology and facilities. Following stringent protocols for safety and hygiene should be taken as a top priority. And clinic must have facilities of advanced technology to perform the cosmetic treatment, especially when we talk about feminine health and wellness. It is essential to check what technology the clinic uses for vaginal tightening treatment. And finding the Femilift ensures the best vaginal rejuvenation experience.

3.     Did you have a recent gynecologic assessment? 

It prerequisite for undergoing vaginal tightening treatment that you had have a recent gynecologic exam. It is crucial to check and address the infections or vaginal discharge before scheduling the laser vaginal tightening treatment. For the right candidate for Femilift vaginal tightening, the patient needs to have a clear report of vaginal health that gives a green signal for proceeding with non-surgical vaginal treatment.

4.     How is Femilift Vaginal tightening treatment performed?

Femilift vaginal tightening treatment is easily performed in an office visit. During the treatment, a thin probe is inserted into the vagina. The treatment is performed without any sedative or anesthesia as it is a painless procedure that causes no discomfort. The probe delivers pulses of laser energy in precise and controlled amounts. The procedure is completed within half an hour.


Overall, we can say that going with a non-surgical method is an easy, safe, comfortable, and time-saving option. Moreover, it gives you the prompt result of vaginal tightening by addressing various associated issues. If you wish to know more about the Femilift technique, feel free to contact Dr. Karishma Kagodu, MS, M CH., a board-certified plastic surgeon, by calling at +91 8042036382, +91 9108969006.  

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