Top Tips for Recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery

Top Tips for Recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery

·       The post-op symptoms are generally simple if you follow the recommended aftercare advice.

·       Breast pain, swelling, tingling, and bruising are all-natural and can be perfectly managed with suggested post-op measures.

·       The average stay in the clinic after breast reduction is 1-2 days, or it could be longer based on your specific case/ condition.

·       Usually, you can resume your normal life after 4-6 weeks. However, during the first week of recovery, you will experience swelling, pain, bruising, and numbness are pretty manageable.

Breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty is the most sought-after procedure among women suffering from excessively heavy breasts. Women with heavy breasts are prone to upper body pain, challenging physical activities, and low self-esteem, therefore opting for breast reduction surgery as a rescue getting popularity in the cosmetic surgery world. Breast reduction surgery in Bangalore is in high demand due to the best plastic surgeon, accredited clinic/center, and the budget cost option influencing women patients across the country.

Dr. Karishma Kagodu, MS, M CH., a recognized, board-certified plastic surgeon in Bangalore, head of Dr. Karishma Aesthetics, noted that recovery after breast reduction (with or without lift) could take up to 4-6 weeks, followed by some discomforts are easily manageable with proper post-op care and recommendations. Dr. Karishma said, "I'll take extra care during the procedure to ensure your wounds are set to heal in the best way possible. In addition, our Kaesthetics team and I are dedicated to providing you with constant support throughout your recovery journey." 

How Is Recovery After Breast Reduction?

The recovery process after a breast reduction surgery goes smoothly if a patient follows the right post-op measure. First, some degree of pain, swelling, bruising, and tingling are natural, followed by recommended aftercare measures.

Your comfort as you heal is Dr. Karishma's top priority; she will give you tips and recommendations for recovery from breast reduction surgery.

1.    Pain: Breasts are rich with neuron endings, and breast reduction involves a moderate amount of tissue manipulation, resulting in pain after surgery. However, it is not too bad, but it requires pain management for pain-sensitive patients. We provide special pain management strategies to make the healing process comfortable and smooth.

2.    Swelling: Swelling is a normal part of the healing process, as your body responds to the manipulation caused by surgery. The release of inflammatory fluid into the wound as a response to manipulation accumulates in breast areas, wholly a normal healing behavior. However, some gentle remedies, such as ice packs and wet towel application, can help reduce swelling. You will be asked to wear a compressive bra night and day to keep your breasts from swelling too much.

3.    Bruising: Bruising lasts for at least two weeks following breast reduction surgery and goes itself as the day passes. In the initial days of recovery, the bruises will be red and purple, turning yellow-green after a week, and almost wholly fade away after two weeks. You may require two weeks off of work to heal appropriately; that further depends on your nature of work and if you can return to light duties. Ice packs are a way to deal with unwanted bruising.

4.    Tingling: Numbness in the nipple and breast skin are common after surgery, as tissue manipulation translates to a tingling sensation. The numbness can last for a few months and goes itself as the day passes.

5.    Sleep on your back: Sleeping during recovery can be a bit uncomfortable. Thus, sleeping on your back for at least four weeks is advisable to avoid compromised healing. You can also use a recliner to keep your head elevated while sleeping, which is easy to adjust to a comfortable height or degree without hassle.

6.    Exercising: You are required to postpone any workout during the initial first week of the recovery period. We encourage you to start normal walking during the second or fourth weeks following the procedure to improve blood circulation. After six to eight weeks, you can resume sports that involve upper body movement, such as weight lifting, but with caution. It would be best if you did it gradually. 

What can you not do after breast reduction surgery?

Have a straight look at the DON’TS after breast reduction surgery:

Ø Do not sleep on your stomach for at least four weeks.

Ø Avoid showering for at least two days.

Ø Do not practice weightlifting for at least six weeks.

Ø Do not practice sports or strenuous activities for at least six weeks.

Ø Avoid coming to direct sunlight for at least two months, as UV rays can affect scar healing.

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