Who is the Right Candidate for Lip Augmentation Procedure

Who is the Right Candidate for Lip Augmentation Procedure


“Lips require an alluring appearance that can be more pleasing and attractive with lip augmentation!”

·        Do you want to have fuller lips and an attractive mouth shape?

·        Are you struggling with uneven or asymmetrical lips?

·        Do you want to enhance your facial appeal with an alluring lip profile?

·        Are thin lips your concern and want an aesthetic plump and volume for a fuller appearance?

Not everyone is blessed with fairy beauty. Sometimes, it requires cosmetic attention or enhancement to achieve the aesthetic goal of beauty. And lip augmentation is one concern that needs a plastic surgeon assessment to make a customized plan. Every patient is unique and requires an individualized evaluation when we talk about a particular amount of volume to meet the aesthetic beauty goal of an appealing lip profile.

Lip augmentation in Bangalore, India, is a super-selective cosmetic procedure. It provides you with the overall aesthetic facial appeal. But, on the other hand, Bangalore has a remarkable presence in the cosmetic surgery fraternity due to the best clinics and surgeons in the countries. 

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that gives you fuller, plumper lips that last for a year. Surgical and non-surgical options are available in the cosmetic treatment world to offer you more shapely, alluring, and attractive lips.  These days, an injectable filler is the most popular method of lip augmentation. A substance similar to hyaluronic acid is the most common and popular one. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body that helps increase volume in your lips.

Hyaluronic acid fillers can increase the shape, structure, and volume of your lips to meet the aesthetic goal of a lip augmentation procedure.

Note: It is always suggestible to start with a non-surgical method of lip augmentation to know the right amount of volume matched to one’s facial appearance before moving forward with surgical lip enhancement.

Surgical lip augmentation is performed with Permalip silicone implants. A small incision is made in the corner of the mouth to place the silicone implants.

Who is the right candidate for lip augmentation?

Anyone can be the right candidate for lip augmentation if they meet the criteria set by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Universally, it is regarded as the essential characteristic to deserve the lip enhancement procedure.

Following criteria should be met by a client/patient to undergo a lip augmentation job: -

1.     You have thin lips:

If thin lips are your concern or lips are depleting volume with age results in a less attractive lip that requires a lip augmentation job. A patient with thin lips or lips without a proper shape, size, symmetry, or volume needs cosmetic attention. And so, lip augmentation surgery or non-surgical lip enhancement job is performed.

2.     You have uneven or asymmetrical lips:

An uneven or asymmetric lip needs aesthetic augmentation. Lip job is always suggestible to start with a non-surgical option. The initial non-surgical enhancement will give an idea about the required amount of volume and aesthetic shape matched to one’s facial appearance. However, an expert plastic surgeon’s observation and pre-and-post instructions are necessary to achieve the desired lip augmentation results.

3.     Are you physically fit with no severe complications?

It would help if you have overall good health and have no other medical illness or severe health complications. In addition, you should stop smoking pre-and-post procedures for a few days, as smoking can hinder the healing process and leave you with compromised outcomes.

4.     Do you have realistic expectations?

One must have realistic expectations and a positive outlook with a lip augmentation procedure that would help meet the best results. In addition, the patients must have a realistic goal in mind, as it is always suggestible to think about what can be achievable.


Overall, we can say that lip augmentation is a highly customized cosmetic procedure. The procedure is planned according to the patient’s facial profile, realistic goal, and concerning issue to meet the best natural results. Therefore, having an introductory consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will help decide the best option according to the best possible outcomes, chosen methods, and the realistic goal of the lip augmentation procedure.

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