Who is the Right Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery

Who is the Right Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery


You have good overall health but excess skin and fat throughout the abdomen and around the waist.”

·        Are you struggling with excess fat and skin around your belly?

·        Have you had children and now tend to carry extra weight around your waist?

·        Have you lost a lot of weight, and hanging skin and excess fat throughout the abdomen is becoming a problem?

·        Are you physically fit and mentally prepared for a tummy tuck surgery?

If the points above are your concern, you’ve landed on the right page, where you will have all the detail regarding the candidacy of a tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty in Bangalore is a popular option because of its essential role in offering you a desired overall body contour. Tummy is the central focus of one’s body that gains first importance while defining a contoured body profile. Due to the accredited cosmetic plastic surgery center/clinic and the availability of the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore, the city weighs the top space in offering cosmetic surgery across the country.

Following are the parameters that you should crosscheck while evaluating yourself for having the tummy tuck surgery:

1.     You have lost a massive weight:

This is the first parameter to check while considering the tummy tuck surgery. The eligibility is decided basis on your lost weight because it tends to develop sagging skin and pesky pockets of fat throughout your abdomen. Men and women benefit from tummy tuck surgery because women usually consider this surgery post-pregnancy, and men want to have a contoured abdomen profile.

2.     Hanging skin and excess fat is your concern:

Tummy tuck surgery is the most sought-after procedure among women post-pregnancy to address sagging skin, lower the abdomen, and contouring the abdomen muscles. Persistent baby bump or abdomen pooch is getting corrected effectively by tummy tuck surgery. Women can experience a lot of weight gain post-pregnancy, and they usually have pannus, which is the soft and loose skin that hangs down over the pubic area and raise the demand for tummy tuck surgery. On the other hand, FUPA, excess fat upper pubic area right between your hips and above your pubic bone, also called a panniculus that can develop due to childbirth, ageing, rapid weight loss, and genetics, requires tummy tuck surgery.

3.     You are physically fit:

The excellent candidate for tummy tuck surgery usually has a good medical history. The right candidate is someone who can tolerate the anesthesia required for the procedure. You shouldn’t have nutrition or connective tissue disorders. Tummy tuck surgery is often a part of a mommy makeover that correct hanging skin and excess fat from the lower abdomen after the woman’s weight stabilizes after childbirth.

4.     You should have realistic expectations:

One must have a realistic expectation with the tummy tuck surgery because it is not a weight-loss procedure and only remove the skin and fat outside of the muscle layers of the abdomen. Scarring is another concern, especially for darker skin people. However, you should be aware of the things, and prior consultation with an expert board-certified plastic surgeon will be a great help. The scarring is not a bothersome concern as one can perfectly hide it beneath underwear or swimsuits.

Know more about tummy tuck surgery:

If you want to know more about tummy tuck surgery, it would be a great idea to visit our page, Dr. Karishma Aesthetics. Contact the board-certified plastic cosmetic surgeon Dr. Karishma Kagodu and schedule one-on-one consultation to determine your candidacy for tummy tuck surgery.

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