Why Do You Have to Fast Before Surgery?

Why Do You Have to Fast Before Surgery?

·       Do you know that fasting for at least 8-12 hours prior to plastic cosmetic surgery is recommended by surgeons to avoid the risks of vomiting and lung damage?

·       Do you know that usually, before administrating general anaesthesia, you will not be allowed anything to eat or drink?

·       Do you know that amount of time you have to go without food or liquid before your surgery is based on the extent and the type of procedure employed?

·       Do you know that even chewing gum, either regular or nicotine, is strictly avoidable during fasting?

Every surgical procedure carries some restrictions beforehand, and plastic cosmetic surgery is also not untouched. Whether the procedure is extensive or minor, you are expected to follow all the instructions given by your plastic surgeon.

Before having any plastic cosmetic surgery, it’s likely that you will be given either general or local anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia numbs the targeted areas being treated, resulting in a painless procedure.

On the other hand, an extensive procedure like a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty/ nose job, facelift, or mommy makeover requires general anaesthesia to be administered, making you unconscious so you cannot feel anything. So, it requires following the surgical rituals beforehand to have a hassle-free surgical experience, stated Dr. Karishma Kagodu, MS, M CH., a board-certified celebrity plastic cosmetic surgeon.

Why is Fasting important before surgery?

When you are scheduled to have plastic cosmetic surgery, you will be asked to fast for 8-12 hours before.

This is because when the anaesthesia is administered, your body’s reflexes are temporarily stopped. Therefore, eating food or drinking any liquid before surgery can cause serious complications, as the body’s reflexes do not respond to how they respond before anaesthesia. However, vomiting, bringing up food into your throat, or even breathing complications my possible when you do not follow the fasting ritual for at least 8-12 hours beforehand. Thus, fasting is a safety measure as pre-op care before surgery.

Note: Food can get into your lungs due to the anaesthesia effect during the procedure, affecting your respiratory process and causing damage to your lungs. However, say yes to fasting before having your surgery, and the time length without having food or liquid will be discussed during your introductory consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Having food or liquid can cause risks during the procedure.

If your stomach is full during the surgery, significantly when a general anaesthetic is administered, the contents will move up the oesophagus and enter the lungs. The consequences can be damaged lungs and breathing difficulty, a risky situation during the surgical job.

You may be told to avoid certain fluids, but clear fluids (water) are usually recommended.

You are not allowed to drink anything before surgery to avoid the risks of lung damage. Certain fluids, such as tea, coffee, coke, or milk, should be strictly avoidable to enjoy a hassle-free surgical experience. Clear fluid, such as water, is usually recommended.

Measure to opt for specific medical conditions.

Suppose you have diabetes, have certain medical conditions such as autoimmune dysfunctions or genetic disorders, or are taking any stress pills or steroids. In that case, it is mandatory to inform your plastic surgeon beforehand. You should also let them know if you are allergic to certain medicines.

Local anaesthetic, pre-op measure:

If local anaesthesia is administered for your surgery, you should be allowed to eat and drink normally. But it is inevitable to follow the fasting rule beforehand if the procedure involves your digestive system or bladder.

And lastly;

Follow all the instructions as given by your plastic surgeon.

It is always wise to follow all the pre-and-post-op instructions given by the anaesthetist and plastic cosmetic surgeon. Please take note of pre-and post-op care and follow them to enjoy the best experience of your procedure, as an easy procedure helps achieve smooth recovery, so that the results would be great.

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