Why Should You Choose a board-certified Plastic Surgeon?

Why Should You Choose a board-certified Plastic Surgeon?

·       The board-certified plastic surgeons complete the rigorous plastic surgery residency and pass the written and oral boards.

·       The board-certified plastic surgeons are must trained in general surgery, followed by a fellowship in a certified residency program in Plastic Surgery.

·       A board-certified plastic surgeon ensures the best successful outcomes owing to hands-on experience, complex cases performed, detailed technical skills, and superb aesthetic sense.

·       The board certification requires a minimum of five years of surgical training and successful completion of a written test followed by submission of cases. Once the submitted cases are approved, the certified surgeons sit for oral boards, and recertification is required every ten years.

Dr. Karishma Kagodu, MS, M CH, is a highly trained, recognized board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Bangalore, head of Dr. Karishma Aesthetics (Kaesthetics), Indiranagar also contributing to Kinder women's hospital, Whitefield. In the words of Dr. Karishma, "if you are considering a plastic surgery procedure, choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon is vital because before undergoing the procedure, you should feel confident in your plastic surgeon's perfectionism, background, aesthetic sense, knowledge, and training."

Why Should you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon?

Reason: 1. The board-certified plastic surgeon is a trained general surgeon.

The board of plastic surgery has a rigorous process to screen its members. Certified plastic surgeons are trained general surgeons, followed by holding an accredited plastic surgery fellowship, which allows them to perform complex surgical cases. General surgery involves a core of tissue movement, detailed technique, and aesthetics. So, before selecting a plastic surgeon, ask them by what board they are certified. This ensures you the best result-oriented procedure with utmost safety and realistic matches.

Reason: 2. Board certification requires rigorous specialized training.

Becoming board-certified plastic surgeons require extensive years of experience both in the classroom and practical settings, detailed technical knowledge, and aesthetic sense, as well as training in a wide array of surgeries, such as flaps, microsurgical techniques, hand surgery, facial fractures, cleft lip and palate, and cosmetic surgery. The board-certified plastic surgeons are one patient can trust because they are committed to excellence by completing the accredited plastic surgery residency program and fulfilling the medically-supervised training in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Reason 3: Board-certified plastic surgeons have the utmost aesthetic expertise.

Without a doubt, there is no relevance to plastic surgery procedures without aesthetic touch. Every plastic cosmetic surgery requires an extreme aesthetic sense to meet the desired, realistic outcomes. Board certification allows a plastic surgeon to perform the procedure with the utmost aesthetic sense and understanding that comes after long years of experience by attending training and hands-on practices with lots of practical settings. The mastery of aesthetics, anatomy, physiology, excellent technical skills, and strong attention to detail comes after several years of practice, accreditation, and rigorous training; that is what a board certification conferred a plastic surgeon.

Reason 4: Board-certified plastic surgeons must commit to continuing education.

The medical field is continuously adopting changes with recent development and scientific practice. Therefore, recertification requires every ten years for board certification. Board certification is an additional voluntary credential chosen after medical school, and residency completion, meaning the certified plastic surgeon is well-versed and trained enough to perform challenging surgeries. First, it allows a surgeon to complete required training and stay up-to-date with advanced practice and cutting-edge technology. Secondly, keeping their certification involves receiving more than a hundred plastic surgery credits every five years.

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